The 10 Best Puzzle Video Games Ever

    November 21, 2011 at 5:51 am

    Some puzzle video games you can pick and put down. Great puzzle video games are very hard to turn away from. The BEST puzzle video games give you that feeling that you just need that one extra piece to get to that one extra level to get that one extra point to beat your all time high score. Those are the games in this list. Here are the top 10 Puzzle video games ever:


    It may not have been the first puzzle video game ever made, but you can’t deny the pure addictiveness of Bejeweled. The classic combo of stacking, matching and shiny, brightly colored objects have been around for a long while but Bejeweled perfected the drop down puzzler format. If someone is playing a puzzle video game on their smartphone or smart pad, 7 times out of 10 I would put money down on them playing Bejeweled.


    Lumines may not have been played by many puzzle game fanatics because it was only on the PSP, but it stands out in the grand scheme of puzzle games. In Lumines, you have to arrange squares of colored dots into larger collections of squares of the same colored dots in order to create combos. It sounds weird when you explain it with words, but once you start playing Lumines and that techno beat background music envelops you, you’re hooked.

    Intelligent Qube

    Intelligent Qube is a little-known gem that’s locked away in everyone’s PSX memory, but it was a great unique take on the puzzle game genre. In Intelligent Qube, you play a guy that runs around a platform made of cubes, clearing certain cubes as they approach. You mark a spot on the platform and then a cube goes over the spot to clear it. I doubt that any of these explanations are going to make sense if you haven’t played the games but if you can find it, Intelligent Qube is a must play puzzler.


    The OG “Match up the pretty jewels” game is Columns on Sega Genesis. When Columns came out, people were relieved to have a fun, addictive time killer… that wasn’t Tetris. The fact that it was easy to learn and play AND the fact that everyone was temporarily Tetris-ed out made Columns a very memorable puzzle video game.


    In Lemmings, you had to construct different platforms and machines to prevent the aforementioned Lemmings from falling off of cliffs and killing themselves. I refer to this game as the “Oh my God! I’m the accidental murderer of these cute little things!” game. Regardless of the almost forced slaughter of those adorable lil guys, Lemmings kept you on your mental toes and remains an all time great puzzle video game.

    Dr Mario

    drmarioThis NES gem is still a great game to pull out and play on a rainy day. Dr. Mario proves that anyone can be a doctor. All you have to do is match up the different colored sides of pills to kill viruses. Being a doctor is simple! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go check on my patients whom I’ve treated exactly as Dr. Mario taught me… oh dear God… they’re all… This game is fictional, people! Don’t do what he does to treat actual human beings!


    Braid may be a newer puzzle video game, but its excellence deserves mention. Braid looks like a platforming game, but all of Braid’s elements at heart are puzzle genre mechanics. Between the jigsaw piece solutions and time bending elements, Braid comes off like a puzzle game. A GREAT puzzle game.

    Bust A Move

    Take the addictive play of Bejeweled. Add the cute protagonists from Bubble Bobble. Flip the screen, Mix them all together and you get Bust A Move! Once you see that screen pop up on the Neo Geo machine at your local laundromat, you know you have to get extra change to pop into that sucker. The animations, music, and bubble-popping game play are all the ingredients that make an amazing puzzle game.


    You had me at Cake! Portal is a great puzzle game because it doesn’t just have clever mechanics and unique physics. Forget about the portal guns and the mind bending logistics of the game. The best part of the game is the story. The thing that makes Portal stand out is that you actually care about finishing the levels because you care about the protagonist. In Bust A Move, no one cares that those little dinosaurs die every time the bubbles cross that line on the bottom of the screen. Wait, they do die when that happens, right?


    The only thing that can beat Portal is the most classic of Classic Puzzle Video Games… Tetris! Anyone that has ever owned a PC, console, portable handheld or even a graphing calculator know what Tetris is, because they have been sucked into hours of block moving and line evaporating. The intense pressure that mounts as the stack of blocks gets higher and the unmistakable Russian theme song speed up is ingrained in my memory.  Not to mention that waiting for that one long, straight piece until you’re out of room has become a gamer rite of passage.



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