10 Craziest Video Game Controllers

    November 14, 2011 at 5:45 am

    Everyone has their favorite video game controllers. Some video game controllers, like the original Nintendo power pad, have become pop culture icons. Those video game controllers went through rigorous testing and evaluation. They were designed by experts and loved by millions for their simplicity and practicality. This list is the other end of the spectrum. Forget your turbo buttons and your Pong paddles, because these are the ten craziest Video Game Controllers ever created.

    The Activator

    Before there was Kinect, Move or even the Wii there was the Activator. The activator was an octagon that you put on the floor and stood inside of. It had sensors that would read your body movement, mimic what you were doing, and have your video game’s character do the same. It was a decent idea but the execution was way off. Most of us ended up just standing inside of an 8-sided plastic rings and playing Sega games with a normal controller, which was way more fun than the Activator .

    DDR Finger Pads

    Dance Dance Revolution is a game that has taken the world by storm. Tons of kids “dancing” to memorized arrows flashing a cross a screen can be a fun time. But what if your lazy? Boom! These controllers can make your hands feel like they’re your feet so you can sit on the couch and still bust a move! Somehow, though, it’s much easier to eat nachos while using a normal DDR pad than it is while using these finger DDR pads, which is probably the only reason why these babies haven’t caught on more.

    Super scope

    “Let’s replace the light zapper with a bazooka” sounds like a cool concept, but the Super Scope for SNES wasn’t a smash hit. No one accounted for the awkwardness of holding it, the lack of game support it received or the fact that it was pretty silly looking. All that being said, I had one.  It was great when you needed a cool fake gun outside of video games, but other than that, it wasn’t much good for anything.

    Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw

    Resident Evil and chainsaws belong together like a zombie head and… well, a chainsaw. It is undeniably cool to wield this awesome piece gaming flair. But have you ever played with one? This thing has so much bulk and plastic around it, it feels worse in your hands than the first XBOX’s controllers. Take that, Microsoft. I know you’re reading this.

    Power Glove

    Let’s face it. Every kid in the late 80’s and early 90’s wanted to be as badass as Lucas Barton from Wizard, and the power glove let you become a cool video game dude. Too bad you couldn’t play anything with it. I tried for hours on end to get my Rad Racer to play like his, but to no avail. Not to mention that stupid L-bar on the side of the TV would always break or fall off. Nothing says cool like a power glove L-bar covered in scotch tape!

    Steel Battalion controller

    This behemoth Steel Battalion controller is impressive to look at. Three pedals, too many buttons to count, and a bunch of joysticks and doohickeys all over. It even has a button for the emergency ejector seat of your driver. Sounds pretty cool until you see the price tag. $200!?!? Um, thanks but I’ll stick with the 4 face button model.

    Samba De Amigo Maracas

    Who would have ever thought that it would be fun to shake maracas in beat to a No Doubt song? Sega proved that the music/party/puzzle game genre could reach for new heights when they put out Samba De Amigo on the Sega Dreamcast. If you can find a Dreamcast, a pair of these guys, the sensor bar and pad that go with the maracas and a copy of the game, it’s a great time. But don’t bother with the Wii version. The detection on that version stinks.

    Robotic Operating Buddy

    Here’s a controller that is actually a robot that helps you play a video game. Sounds awesome, right?  Now here’s the crappy part: there are only 2 boring games that you can use him to play. Not so great. R.O.B. breaks easily and its impossible to find a working model anymore. Suckfest. We can all agree that this guy is really cool looking though, and will always be remembered fondly as one of those “WTF” things in video game lore.

    SOM controller

    I know what you’re thinking, “Are these things Men and Women controllers for a video game that simulates sex?” The answer is yes. The SOM controller is used with a Japanese video game entitled “Cross Days”. Basically it moves along with the onscreen action, which is… y’know… grown ups doing gross stuff. You either stick your junk in their, or stick that in your junk. It all depends on your taste, I guess. Talk about a “Joystick”! Somebody shoot me.

    Death Crimson Controller

    This dragon/mosquito monstrosity was made with a built by a Japanese artist with a Sega Saturn built inside of it and can only be used for the game Death Crimson. Death Crimson is widely known as one of the worst games ever made for the Sega Saturn. So here is a giant awful controller that can only be used for one awful game on a system that is now obsolete. That’s crazy.


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