10 Greatest Rivalries in Video Game History

    October 17, 2011 at 5:48 am

    There are a lot of classic video game rivalries out there in the gamer-verse. In fact, video games are virtually built around epic video game rivalries. Some are bigger than others. Some are more recent than others. Some are pretty silly. Tons of video game rivalries just missed the cut: Dracula vs. Alucard, Scorpion vs. Sub-Zero, TMNT vs. Shredder, Batman vs. Joker, Cloud vs. Sephiroth, Birds vs. Pigs. It was a tough list to narrow down, but here are the 10 Greatest Rivalries in Video Game History:

    Plants vs. Zombies

    You’d never think it, but the portable gaming darling Plants vs. Zombies has brought to light the age old rivalry between plants and zombies. It’s pretty straightforward. Plants don’t move. Zombies keep coming. This inherent difference between these two classes of organic beings is a fundamental rivalry in nature. And yes, I consider zombies a part of nature.

    Red vs. Blue

    I was thinking of making this rivalry “Master Chief vs. The Covenant vs. The Flood” but that story line wasn’t what I like the most about the Halo series. The multiplayer aspect of Halo is what made me love those games in the first place. The Red vs. Blue rivalry spawned a super popular web/video comedy series and countless fights between friends over bragging rights for their LAN party. Even though you can play as almost any color in Halo Multiplayer now, Halo online multiplayer gamers still think of themselves as either Red or Blue.

    Chell vs. GLaDOS

    The cake may be a lie but this heated rivalry is a truth. Chell and GLaDOS from the Portal series have come to an understanding that they will always hate each other. But why shouldn’t they? After going through all of the crap that GLaDOS put her through, Chell should be pissed. She had to solve puzzle after puzzle and incinerate her Weighted Companion Cube, PLUS she was promised cake and then never given the cake! Have you ever been promised cake and then not gotten it!? It’s rage-inducing! Like, you show up a little late to a birthday party and then all the ice cream cake is gone or put away because it was melting, huh!? Where’s my– I mean, Where’s HER cake!?

    Horde vs. Alliance

    Nerds unite! This World of Warcraft rivalry between the good and evil forces of Azeroth is so strong it single-handedly made MMORPG a household phrase. Well, maybe not a household phrase, but World of Warcraft is definitely one of the most popular video games on the planet and one of the reasons is the rivalry between the Horde and Alliance. From the beginning of creating your character, you feel both sides pulling you towards them. You have to decide between good and evil, light and dark, Horde and Alliance. Its definitely one of those rivalries that you get swept up in because you feel like your as much a part of it as anyone else.

    Ryu vs. Ken

    As life long friends and sparring partners from the Street Fighter series, Ryu and Ken have the same moves, same style, and same training under the same master. But they are different at their core. Ken is the cocky American who’s all about flashy moves. Ryu is the noble Japanese fighter who is more about hard work and spirit, becoming the best fighter he could possibly be. There is a lot of respect between the two of them but the rivalry between them is just as heated as any other.

    Sonic the Hedgehog vs. Dr. Robotnik

    A hedgehog vs. a Scientist? Not the most likely match up but this rivalry has lasted the test of time. Sure, Sonic is known for running fast, but ask yourself what is he running FROM? That would be Dr. Robotnik and all of his sinister robotic creation. This rivalry is so heated that it forced Sonic to grab allies like Tails and Knuckles to help fight off this fatso’s evil minions. But the real rivalry in the Sonic series is “Me liking the Sonic games vs. Me hating that douchebag Tails”. Man, does that fox annoy me…

    Mega Man vs. Dr. Wily

    Dr. Albert W. Wily is a brilliant scientist who helped create a series of robot warriors to help mankind. But after he was not given the proper credit for his work, he turned his robots evil, with the exception of Mega Man, the child-like robot he saw as his son. Ever since Dr. Wily went rogue, Mega Man has been very diligent in dispatching his evil robot masters. In over 20 games, Mega Man has defeated every foe from Fire Man to Sheep Man, but his quest will continue until he finally gets back at Dad. Talk about a family that needs a therapist’s couch to lie on and work out their issues. Yikes.

    Pac-Family vs. Ghosts

    For over 30 years the poor Pac-family has been terrorized by ghosts. Imagine walking down the street, minding your own business, eating a bunch of dots like you normally do and then all of a sudden 4 dead guys start chasing you with the intent to kill you. That’s been everyday in the lives of Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and Jr. Pac-Man since they were created. So next time you play one of their games, try a little harder to keep them alive because they’ve lived tortured, haunted lives for their entire existence……. Catch the fever! Pac-Man Fever!

    Link vs. Ganondorf

    Almost every gamer has at least one fond memory of a Legend of Zelda game, but Link and Ganondorf have always met under less than amicable circumstances. This rivalry is two-fold: they both want the tri-force, and they both keep taking Princess Zelda back and forth. You can’t get more intense than dudes fighting over chicks AND gold stuff. The fact that everyone looks forward to that final boss battle in every Legend of Zelda game show you that this rivalry is a fan favorite that’s as strong as ever.

    Mario vs. Bowser

    Like most rivalries between an Italian plumber and an evil dragon, this one started with stealing a someone’s girlfriend. Mario was just a normal working class guy. Then out of the blue a giant Reptilian villain steals his beloved princess down a pipe and into another dimension. Then this plumber has to spend an insane amount of vacation and sick days to go after her. Mario has chased Bowser across 5 consoles, 6 different handhelds and a Virtual Boy for almost 30 years now and it looks like a rivalry that won’t die anytime soon. But there’s a moral to this story: never trust dragons. It seems obvious in hindsight, but I bet Mario wishes someone would’ve clued him in three decades ago.

    1. KTROM says:

      This was clearly written by someone who does not play or appreciate video games. I mean c’mon….Red vs. Blue made it on this list? Really? How lame. How about Simon Bellmont(or the entire family) vs. Dracula or Battletoads vs. The Dark Queen or Master Chief vs. The Flood? Your biggest mistake that made me have to post on this ridiculous article was fucking up MEGA MAN’S BACKSTORY. HE WAS CREATED BY DR. LIGHT! go read a friggn wiki you hack….

    2. abner says:

      why you have to hate on tails man? he’s pretty cool and useful in sonic 3. if u have to hate, hate on the sonic team who failed sonic pretty much since 32-bit era started

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