The Most Annoying Video Game Characters of All Time

    October 10, 2011 at 5:45 am

    For a lot of people, video games are used as stress relief. A form of catharsis. A way to escape from the things that bother them in their everyday lives. So when an obnoxious character pops his head into our sanctuary of video game relaxation, it’s bothersome to no end. The video game characters on this list might not be the most enjoyable to see again, but here they are: The top 10 most annoying video game characters of all time.


    Sim City series

    Tornado? Sure. Earthquake? Understandable. Giant reptile monster. Whaaaa!? Why the hell would a Godzilla monster come out of nowhere and attack your podunk little town? Rebuilding after a flood is one thing but having to empty the town savings for a foreign menace that went out for a stroll is super annoying.

    Anyone who needs food


    Listen, I get it. I’ve been listening to the computer’s voice saying “Wizard needs food…Badly.” for the past 3 minutes. Nothing is more frustrating than playing co-op with someone that is about to die and having the computer remind you of it CONSTANTLY. The overwhelming sense of satisfaction of shooting food just to let that cry baby die was so satisfying, it single-handedly began the idea of “team killing”. In real life, starvation is sad. In video games, it is annoying.



    This speedy lil guy has ruined countless Centipede games for everyone. You’re moving along your game. Zapping ‘pedes, shooting shrooms, racking up the points like you normally do. Along comes a spider and you take care of the slow creepy crawler. “That was super easy”, you think to yourself. Fast forward to level 10 and these 8-legged douchebags are zipping across the screen like arachnid missiles to take you out. Sooooo annoying.

    Roman Bellic

    GTA IV

    He’s a fat, greedy, exaggerating, sleezy, creep. On top of that, he’s your only family AND ou have to take care of him and all of the crap he’s gotten into from the beginning of Grand Theft Auto IV. After a while, his stupid voice saying “Cousin Niko!” and trying to explain his way out of a girl problem or gambling debt leaves you so annoyed that you want to grab a cheat code just so you can shoot his face off with a bazooka.


    Legend of Zelda series

    Tingle is a thirty-five year old man who is obsessed with forest fairies. Already, he bothers me. But add on the skin tight, green suit, plump body, and rosey cheeks and he turns into one of the most annoying characters in video game history. Sure, his cartography skills help Link out by giving him maps, but once he floats by on his balloon and exclaims, “Tingle, Tingle! Kooloo-Limpah!”… that’s when I decide I want to kill him.


    Street Fighter II

    Everything about Vega annoys me. His exclamatory high-pitched yelp is like a rusty rake on a chalkboard. His costume, which looks like a cross between a matador, a gymnast, and Jason Voorhees, is just stupid looking. The worst was his special leaping attacks. Sure, they were easy to counter but waiting the extra 5 seconds through the animation sequence of him crawling around on the background of his stage was insanely annoying. If he did 4 moves a round for 3 rounds in a match, that’s 60 seconds of your gaming life that you will never get back.


    Super Mario Bros. Series
    Most gamers have to chase ladies in real life. The LAST thing we want to do is spend our gaming time doing the same frustrating thing. In one of the most iconic video games of all time, the main plot point driving Mario in his eternal quest is the promise of his princess being in another castle. Then when he gets there, he is told that she is in another castle over and over and over and over. We know she’s been kidnapped by a giant dinosaur-turtle guy, but can’t she just stay put for one level?


    Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    “Hey!”, “Hello!”, “Watch Out!”, “Listen!”. These are the contributions of the next annoying character on the list. In Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Navi is some sort of little, buzzy fly/fairy thing, which is already an annoying creature but Navi adds to the annoying scale by interrupting gameplay just to get your attention. In case you couldn’t tell, Navi, I’m in the middle of an otherworldly quest to save the love of my life from the grips of pur evil over here! SHUT THE F*#! UP!

    The Dog

    Duck Hunt
    Only an annoying video game character would have the gaul to help you one moment and then mock you with laughter in the next. The dog from Duck Hunt does just that. This punk-ass pooch was the sole reason I even played a game of the skeet shooting portion of the game. His 8-bit giggle still resonates in the eardrums of gamers everywhere and still ruins the later stages of Duck Hunt.


    Goldeneye 007
    Being half the size of every other playable character in Goldeneye, never has a multiplayer character been as hated as Oddjob. Everyone wanted be play as him, but we all hated anyone who did. There was no worse experience than shooting through a bathroom door in the facility with a laser and then opening the stall door to find out that you shot directly over this shrimp’s head. Ugh!

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