Can You Get Cancer from Oral Sex?

    October 7, 2011 at 5:54 am

    Can you get cancer from oral sex? Yes, you can. You can contract HPV by performing oral sex on someone who is carrying the virus, and this can lead to mouth and throat cancer. You’re probably thinking “aw, man! everything that’s fun causes cancer!”, and y’know what? You’re absolutely right about that. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do, aside from knowing who you’re going down on. It makes college less fun, but it’ll pay of when you don’t have throat cancer later. Take a look at the infographic below, which contains some startling facts about the link between cancer and oral sex, and don’t ever do anything fun again!

    can you get cancer from oral sex? infographic(via



    1. Name says:

      As with the HIV scare of the 80s, this is making it harder and harder for gay men to consummate their relationships.

    2. SexyOrg says:

      I didn’t notice that.. by the way thanks for the tips.. thumbs up!

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