The 10 Best Video Game Swords of All Time

    October 4, 2011 at 5:53 am

    swordWhen it comes to real-life fighting, a sword is not the best weapon of choice. Sure, you’ll stumble upon a top-quality sword every now and then, but most swords these days are crappy “for display only” models that will shatter if you swing them to hard. On top of that, a real sword is much heavier than they make it look in the movies. Fortunately, video games are nothing like real life. In video games, swords reign supreme. In fact, some of the most formidable weapons in the history of gaming have been swords. Here are the 10 best video game swords of all time:

    Sephiroth’s Masamune Sword

    Final Fantasy series

    Final Fantasy’s biggest bad ass also has a big bad ass sword. A seven foot katana would be a cool sword in anyone’s hands, but it just so happens to be wielded by one of the best villains in RPG history. Don’t let his silly looking hair-do fool you, because this guy is no joke. And his sword does all of his talking for him. Where does he put that sword when he’s not using it, anyway? Does he have a separate garage for it?

    The Sword of Altair

    Assassin’s Creed series
    sword of altairWhat better sword to have on the list than the sword of one of gaming’s best assassins. The sword of Altair is one of the most powerful swords in the Assassin’s Creed series and was used by both Altair (its name sake) and Ezio in the renaissance. The sword of Altair may be shorter and not as flashy as other swords on this list but it gets the job done. Just ask the last few guys it cut to pieces.

    Dante’s Force Edge/Sparda

    Devil May Cry series

    dante devil may cryIn Devil May Cry, Dante gets to wield two awesome swords in one neat package. The Force Edge looks like a normal cool sword but once Dante has all of the pieces of the amulet it turns into an awesome scythe-esque sword. Cool! Plus, on lunge attacks it can turn into a spear. Kick Ass! Dante looks like the keyboardist in an emo band. Not cool.

    The Beam Katana

    No More Heroes series

    travis touchdown beam katanaSure, Travis Touchdown’s weapon of choice is basically a light saber rip off, but its still a great weapon. Travis Touchdown wields the Blood Berry beam katana, but they come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Every assassin needs a weapon, and Travis’ laser beam katana is as cool a weapon as your going to find. Now comb your hair and get a real job, you vagabond lay-a-bout!


    Kingdom Heart series

    In the Kingdom Heart series, Keyblades are keys. They’re also swords, hence the name “keyblades”. And there are dozens of them, too. So many keyblades, so little time! There are too many awesome keyblade designs and powers to narrow it down to just one “best keyblade”, and the look and powers of a keyblade are really defined by the keychain attached to the it. If I had to pick one keyblade to represent all of the keyblades in the Kingdom Hearts series, it would be the Kingdom Key. But that’s Sora’s keyblade. And Sora is a punk so… no. Keyblades, in general, are cool.

    Light Sabers

    KOTOR, Star Wars series

    The OG bad ass Sci-Fi sword, the Light Saber, has had a big impact in video games. From the Atari 2600 to the XBOX 360, Star wars games have been all over the gamer-verse and the light saber is the main weapon of every Jedi in a galaxy far, far away. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a single blue or two-saber dual sided staff, the comforting “Schoom” sound effect of a light saber powering up is as recognizable as it is awesome. If this was a list of the Best Swords in Pop Culture, the light saber would be an obvious one, but there’s a little more competition in the world of video games. Also, what happens if you drop a light saber blade-side down? Does it just fall through the Earth?

    Energy Sword

    Halo series

    When Halo 2 came out, most multi-player games were won and lost based on the beginning mad dash for this sword. With the one hit kill brutality and the fact that it never ran out of “ammo”, this sword was a force to be reckoned with. If you don’t have this mighty blade on your side, you better pray someone on your team grabbed that sniper rifle. Otherwise, you’re probably toast.

    Buster Sword

    Final Fantasy series

    final fantasy buster swordJust look at that freakin’ sword! It is definitely the most impressive sword based on physical appearance, and it’s also the most iconic of all the swords in the Final Fantasy series. Sure, the Ultima is usually the best sword stat-wise, and the Masamune Sword appears in all of the series’ installments… BUT LOOK AT THAT F’ING BUSTER SWORD! IT’S HUGE!

    Master Sword

    Legend of Zelda series

    When you think of video games, you think of Legend of Zelda. So naturally when you think of video game swords, the master sword instantly comes to mind. But the greatest thing about the master sword is the hunt. You know you have to save Zelda, and you know that you need the master sword to do it. When you finally get that master sword in Link’s hands and you hear the swell of music that accompanies the find, the sense of accomplishment is one of the most satisfying feelings in all of gaming, and that reward (as a result of the painstaking quest) is what propels the Master Sword to the top of this list.




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