NYC ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protest Videos

    September 27, 2011 at 6:00 am

    occupy wall street protestsYou may not realize it, but for the past 9 days, a massive public protest has been taking place on Wall Street in New York City, where thousands of people have gathered to protest the actions of both the federal government and the banking industry, whose negligence and abuse of the financial system greatly contributed to the country’s current financial quagmire, according to protesters. The protests, dubbed Occupy Wall Street, has been ongoing since September 17th, and in the past few days its started to become particularly violent. Here are 10 videos to give you an idea of what it’s like in the middle of the Occupy Wall Street Protests:

    This is what most of the Wall Street protesting looks like, and as you can see it’s pretty boring. Just people walking along with signs, looking way happier than protestors should. But every now and then it gets a little heated, especially with the recent influx of stupid idiots as news of the protests spread. Whenever you get a large group of poor, pissed off people together, stuff like this happens:

    There are plenty of videos of police violence coming out of the Wall Street riots, and while it’s important that people see these videos, it’s also important to realize that these interactions are few and far between. It just so happens that they’re more interesting than people sitting and chanting, so people are more inclined to record them. That doesn’t mean that this type of police behavior is justified in any way, though.

    Whenever I see a violent protest video, I try to keep in mind that it’s out of context. I didn’t see the scenario that unfolded before the video was shot, so I really have no reference as to what behavior was justified and what was not. Still, it’s hard to believe that this type of thing is happening right now in New York City and the news coverage is virtually nonexistent.

    Then again, sometimes the arrest seems totally unjustified. Maybe they were arresting him for being really boring and cliche?

    Hipsters. Can’t live with ’em, can’t arrest them for sitting down in the street without a thousand others going all “independent photojournalist” on you.

    Here’s a video of a bunch of protestors running around for no reason, which is apparently a really important part of protesting. Even the cops are getting in on it! Everybody run happily down the street and hoot and holler in opposition of the banking industry!

    This is just a mess. Now I don’t even understand what those orange curtain things are for anymore. I thought they were barricades for keeping protestors out of the street, but it looks like people are just crawling over and under them at will with no repercussions whatsoever, so again I’m confused.

    Here’s a surprisingly unbiased Fox News report during the early beginnings of the protests. It’s interesting that, as one interviewee put it, the protesters are comprised of all classes of people. Republicans, Democrats, Teabaggers, and apparently even anarchists.

    A few notes for potential protesters: 1) If you’re claiming to be a peaceful protest, don’t wear bandanas and face paint. When you do, people immediately draw correlations to the bad guys from Mad Max, and there’s no way they’ll believe your intentions are good. 2) Don’t do yoga during a protest. It makes you look like a bunch of hippie douchebags. Go home and do that, then come back and stand up for something.


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