The Starbucks Rant Song

    September 22, 2011 at 4:30 am

    starbucks barista fired for starbucks rant song on youtubeThis is Christopher Cristwell. Chris used to work as a Barista at a California Starbucks, until he recorded this funny, strikingly real Starbucks Rant Song and put it on Youtube. A week later, he got fired from his job, presumably for defaming the company in a public forum, and possibly for never wearing a shirt under his Starbucks apron. I’ve seen more than a few employee rant videos in my days, and compared to most of them, this one is relatively tame. I mean, it still doesn’t speak highly of the company, and he did mention putting diarrhea in someone’s coffee, but I’ve heard worse from a rant video before. What do you think: did Chris deserve to get fired for this whimsical song?


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