The Craziest Video Game Glitch Ever

    September 7, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    san francisco rush glitchThere are many famous video game glitches in well-known video games. The kill screen at the end of Pac-Man. The flying tank in Grand Theft Auto 3. Some glitches offer gamers a wealth of unexpected fun when encountered, but most of the time a video game glitch will ruin your entire gaming experience. Of course, if you don’t care at all about the game that’s glitching, then there’s no way you’ll be disappointed. Such is the case with this avid gamer, who decided to challenge himself by combating an unplayable glitch in the crappy racing video game San Francisco Rush. I’ve never seen a video game glitch this bad, or a gamer who’s so enthusiastic about battling it.

    1. Miles says:

      What’s so special about this glitch?

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