Videos of People Crashing Ferraris

    August 31, 2011 at 2:40 pm

    ferrari crashJustin Bieber crashed his Ferrari yesterday. Fortunately it was only a minor fender bender and nobody was injured, but the important information to take away is that Justin Bieber drives a Ferrari. If I was ever rich enough to buy a Ferrari, I would never be able to drive it because I’d always be afraid of crashing it. Some people are rich enough to buy Ferraris, though, and some of those people (the stupid ones) drive their extremely expensive Ferrari sports cars like total douchebags. Sometimes those douchebags crash their Ferraris, and it is hilarious (don’t worry, none of the videos below are graphic or disgusting in any way).

    Show Off Crashes at the Ferrari Parade


    Guy Crashes a Brand New Ferrari


    Eddie Griffin Drives a Ferrari Into a Wall


    Nicolas Cage’s Stunman Crashes a Ferrari in NYC


    Crashing a Ferrari: A Passenger POV


    This Guy Didn’t Stand Chance


    The Most Undramatic Ferrari Explosion Ever


    The Most Dramatic Ferrari Explosion Ever


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