The 2012 Presidential Candidate Craziness Scorecard

    August 31, 2011 at 6:00 am

    As Republican presidential candidates continue to step into the national spotlight and then stand around waiting for everyone to persuade them to run for President in 2012, has created this helpful Presidential Craziness Scorecard to determine the craziness levels of the current Republican candidates. is obviously a liberal organization, so naturally they’re biased on the matter, but you have to admit that the Republican party seems to have a lot of trouble finding a candidate who isn’t completely insane. I don’t think anybody is saying that Barack Obama is definitely, without a doubt the best President ever, but if Republicans want to compete in 2012, they’ll need to bring something to the table besides the circus of lunatics they’ve been rallying behind lately. Take a look at‘s 2012 Presidential Craziness Scorecard and see for yourself:

    presidential candidate craziness scorecard


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