Jani Lane is Dead

    August 12, 2011 at 2:41 pm

    jani lane deadJani Lane, the lead singer from Warrant, was found dead in a crappy Hollywood motel last night at the age of 47. Jani Lane was the front man and songwriter for the popular 80’s glam band Warrant, who is best known for recording the greatest song for strippers to dance to, Cherry Pie. To commemorate the death of a true alcoholic poonhound hero, we’ve compiled a collection of awesome Warrant music videos featuring Jani Lane at the top of his game. Bask in the glory of Jani Lane’s legacy, and the next time you’re watching a bitter, defeated single mother slide down a pole at your local strip club, do it remembrance of Jani Lane.

    Cherry Pie

    Uncle Tom’s Cabin


    Down Boys

    Sometimes She Cries

    I Saw Red

    Blind Faith

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