Animals on Trampolines (Videos)

    August 9, 2011 at 3:24 pm

    Animals on trampolines are hilarious. If you’ve ever been on a trampoline before, then you already know how strange it is. It’s difficult for your body to grasp the concept of a trampoline even when we’re smart enough to completely understand how it works. Now imagine that you have the IQ of an infant and physical abilities that far surpass those of an adult human being. That’s how animals feel when they get on a trampoline. It must be completely mind blowing for them, but they seem to enjoy it nonetheless. Check out these videos of animals on trampolines:

    Bulldog on a Trampoline


    Foxes on a Trampoline


    Squirrel on a Trampoline


    Goats on a Trampoline


    Cat on a Trampoline


    Turtle on a Trampoline


    Ferrets on a Trampoline


    Boxer on a Trampoline


    Raccoon on a Trampoline


    Bear on a Trampoline

    1. Intern says:

      nice and funny video, thanks

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