Videos of Pets Falling Down Stairs

    August 3, 2011 at 3:00 pm

    puppy on stairs
    Putting a pet into a home with stairs is like putting a group of novice skateboarders into a construction site. Most of the time everything will be fine and boring, but every now and then something completely awesome will occur. It doesn’t matter if it’s a puppy, a hamster, a cat, or even some kind of crazy exotic animal, because if you have stairs in your house, your pet is going to tumble down them at some point. Let’s just hope you have a video camera rolling when it happens. Here are 10 hilarious videos of pets falling down stairs.

    Shih Tzu Pogo Ball

    This is a textbook example of puppy overconfidence. The dog takes the first step with no problem and the owner promptly congratulates him in a cute “puppy” voice. From there, this little Shih Tzu thinks he owns the world…until he gets to the second step. From there, he just turns into a little furry pogo ball of pure hilarity.

    The Brave Little Puppy

    From the looks of it, this video was shot in Buffalo Bill’s secret basement torture dungeon, and this little puppy represents the bravest of his litter. He has no idea how to traverse stairs (clearly) but he goes for it anyway, and you have to respect that. Of course, if he had died it would be a totally different story. If you do something amazing and survive, you’re labeled a hero. If you do something amazing and die, they just call you stupid.

    Puppy Bowling

    “Hey, where should I put this collection of old glass bottles and metal shards?” “Oh, just put it on the staircase right next to where I’m trying to get the puppy to play!” In Russia, this is called Bowling.

    Slinky Cat

    This cat is clearly not an amateur stair-user. In fact, he’s mastered the stairs to the point that he can command them to do his bidding. “Pet me while I descend you!” he meows, and the stairs happily abide.

    The Ball Scratch Descent

    If you’re a dog there are three ways to get down the stairs: the easy way (walking), the hard way (tumbling uncontrollably), and the way that allows you to scratch your balls at the same time. This clever pup has chosen the latter, and it has made all the difference.

    How To Make Your Dog Hate You

    Jump ahead to about 1 min to witness a classic “puppy falling down the stairs” moment, featuring the ever-popular “handplant stall into a chaotic spin/twist tumble” move. It doesn’t matter if this little puppy is uncoordinated, though, because what he lacks in finesse he more than makes up for in cuteness.

    Cat in a Basket

    Overall, cats are way more agile than dogs, so they tend to grasp the concept of stairs much more quickly. Some cats grasp stairs so quickly that they soon become bored with them and have to find new ways to spice up their “falling down the stairs” experience. This clever feline has chosen the tried-and-true “tumbling in a basket” technique, with great success. It’s also really funny to see a cat running around underneath a laundry basket, like an oversized roomba with razor claws.

    The Dark Puppy Rises

    Another pretty typical dog falling down the stairs video, except that this video sets itself apart by using a patented “Chris Nolan” overhead shot to capture all the puppy-tumbling action. A+ for cinematography, dog tumbling, and the ensuing guilty affection that follows anytime you force an animal to do something and end up hurting it.

    Cat on a Leash

    Anytime you put a cat on a leash, something hilarious is going to happen. This video is a little too long, but luckily the cat sliding down the stairs part comes early. After that, it’s mostly just cats looking bewildered and the eerie sounds of ghost children playing somewhere. The cat slide is great, though.

    You Have a Pet WHAT?!

    I’ve never owned a skunk, mainly because of their reputation for smelling like Khloe Kardashian’s belly fold sweat, but apparently you can get their stink glands removed and some people like to let them just run around the house as pets. That seems pretty cool, I guess. It’d be fun to watch EVERYONE WHO EVER COMES TO YOUR HOUSE RECOIL IN FEAR when they first see your little furry pet. Also, they don’t seem to handle stairs very well, so that’s definitely an added bonus.

    1. kat says:

      i didnt give you permission to post my video on your website.

      • You still get Youtube views if people watch the embedded video on our site! Think of an embed as kind of a short cut to your Youtube video. If you don’t want your video reposted, I would suggest one of two options: 1) don’t post it on Youtube. 2) Post it on Youtube, but disable sharing and embedding or just make it private so that it doesn’t show up when I search for “Dog falling down stairs video”.

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