The 20 Coolest Pro Athlete Cars

    July 26, 2011 at 5:33 pm

    One of the first things almost every pro athlete does after they sign their first big contract is go buy the car of their dreams. After that add some custom rims, install an xBox 360 into  the back of both car seats and then they start dating a reality TV star. After a few years, they break up with the reality star, get injured and end up selling that car to open a restaurant in their home town. Sure it’s kinda sad but it’s better than being a Marketing Coordinator.


    Ocho Cinco’s Batmobile

    ochocinco batmobile

    Thomas Jones’ Custom Phantom

    thomas jones phantom

    Carmelo Anthony’s Pimp Supreme

    melo car

    Tom Brady’s Audi R8

    Tom Brady R8

    Lebron’s Lamborghini

    lebrons's car

    Shaq’s Stretch Rolls Royce

    shaq's car

    Thomas Davis’ Custom Caprice

    Thomas Davis Car

    Kobe’s Bentley

    Kobe's bentley

    Chris Johnson’s Donk

    chris johnson

    Greg Norman’s Limited Range Rover

    greg norman limited rover

    Hanley Ramirez’ Custom Mercedes

    hanley ramieriez

    Deron Williams’ Ferrari

    deron williams

    Devin Hester’s Donkalicious

    devin hester donk

    Pac Man Jones’ Pacmobile

    Pac Man Car

    Renaldo’s Bentley Sport Edition

    ronaldo car

    Vernon Davis’ Red Challenger

    vernon davis car

    Alex Ovechkin’s Knight Rider Mercedes

    ovechkin's car

    TO’s Dub Bentley

    TO Car

    Ocho Cinco’s “General O.C.”

    General OC

    Fred Taylor’s Mercedes

    fred taylor mercedes

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