Happy Judgement Day!

    May 21, 2011 at 4:00 am

    judgement day apocalypse may 21 end of the world raptureThe world ends today, so rather than checking the internet, you should probably be doing something like this. However, since you decided to waste your last precious hours on Earth by browsing the internet, you may as well check out these awesome links while you’re at it.

    Popoholic – This is What Bar Rafaeli Really Looks Like in a Bikini
    Hollywood Tuna – Sofia Vergara is Dreamy
    TruTV – 12 Doomsday Prophecies That Fizzled
    Maxim – Your Rapture To-Do List
    DJMick – Mad Scooter Trick Skills
    I-Am-Bored – One More Jesus Rapture Post Before the Apocalypse


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