Old People On The Internet

    May 9, 2011 at 8:00 am

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    My father has learned to use the computer. It’s frigid in hell. In his defense, he never really had time to learn when he worked full-time, and in my defense I never had the patience to teach him. He has learned through trial and many, many errors.

    There is one thing about how many dad uses the computer; he does it rather normally, much like an avid user. So then why the hell does every picture of old people using computers on the internet look the same? There are hundreds of seniors, gathered around one screen, looking like they happy as hell yet confused. They are getting guided by hand as if one wrong mouse click will drop the A-Bomb. They are always smiling. They are always old looking (over dressing the part). They are always so happy that someone is paying attention (or so it seems).

    Here is a gallery of obviously staged seniors using computers along with several old people actually using computers. Spot the fakes.

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