Celebrity Tweeting: Love It Or Hate It

    May 6, 2011 at 7:30 am











    Celebrities never get a break.  They are always followed by the paparazzi, look like hot-messes in the tabloids, and get divorced every 2.5 seconds.  It must be extremely hard to deal with all of that on top of the 20 sessions of therapy that they are required to go to a week.  Is there a way that they could possibly prevent all of this from happening?  The whole ‘game’ of Twitter could be an issue.  Maybe if they didn’t always tweet where they were they wouldn’t have a herd of crazies running after them.  “I need some privacy.”  You say that and hide your face but what you’re really doing is tweeting under your scarf.

    Sometimes what they tweet about isn’t even important.  Who really wants to keep track of every time Kim Kardashian pops a squat?  Oh, you’re sippin’ champagne now? Wonderful!  Why don’t you stay at home and read up on politics and give me that $1,000 you just spent.

    Celebrities pick fights with one another and soon their twitter looks like this:  I hate @brandy but thank you @jerry I am proud #proud moment of myself for buying that @prada bag in pink. #pinkismyfavorite.  <– They are fighting over a purse.  An issue that can simply be dropped or not discussed at all.

    So I leave you with this my friend:
    Celebrity Tweeting: Do you love it or hate it?


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