The 10 Best Video Game Consoles

    May 2, 2011 at 10:00 am
      There’s nothing like the first time you bought/unwrapped one of the best video game consoles you ever owned. The new plastic smell. The feel of a brand new controller. The first hum of an unfamiliar start-up sequence. The experience of getting new video game consoles is a gamer’s nirvana. Let’s  look back and fondly remember all of the video game consoles that made us smile and/or cringe upon playing them. These are the Top 10 Video Game Consoles of all time.

    Virtual Boy

      virtual boyWhy is one of the biggest flops in video game history on this list? One word: Risk. Nintendo took a huge risk in putting a VR-goggled, red tinted mess out on the shelves, but that is what the video game industry needs. We as gamers need companies to continually take risks so that innovation will come out of it and give us truly unique gaming experiences. Without the Virtual Boy video game console, we might have not gotten the Wii.

      TurboGrafx 16

        TurboGrafx-16This video game console had cards instead of cartridges. It had no third party games. But the TurboGrafx 16 was fun as hell to play. Bonk’s Adventure was just a solid platformer with a good time-span. The TurboGrafx 16’s library included a game for everybody, whether you liked four on four wrestling video games or strategy video games. Military Madness gave the strategy game a new place to go. Splatterhouse was a milestone in the survival horror genre and World court Tennis is still the only tennis game to have a career mode that felt more like an RPG than a sports game. All in all, the TurboGrafx 16 is a barrel of good times if you can get a hold of one.

        XBOX 360

          Xbox 360The XBOX 360 has XBOX Live, which is the best online community out of any console. It was the first console to be made with wireless controllers as the main controller. It’s powerful machinery-wise and also has one of the best game libraries of all time. If it wasn’t for the “Ring of Death” Fiasco, the XBOX 360 might have been at the top of the Best Video Game Consoles of All Time list.

          Atari 2600

            atari2600The Atari 2600 is the granddaddy of home consoles. Some argue that Intellivision had far superior graphics and that is true, but the Atari 2600 made everyone want to have a gaming console. Playability aside, it turned the tide in gaming and helped usher in a new era for consumer video games.

            Nintendo Wii

              nintendo_wii_whiteThe Nintendo Wii created feasible motion gaming, which is the next step in blurring the line between video games and reality. Looking back 50 years from now, the Wii may have been the starting point for Skynet’s robot uprising and inevitable takeover of humanity.


                xboxThe original XBOX is on this list for one reason…community. XBOX was the first console to truly embrace the idea that gamers NEED other gamers, and it showed through XBOX Live. The XBOX with XBOX Live  made playing your buddy 1,000,000 times easier and made playing a complete stranger even possible. Plus, I still can’t get the four TV Halo LAN parties out of my head.

                Super Nintendo

                  super nintendoFirst off, Super Nintendo had the first controller with more than three action buttons. CRAZINESS! But the SNES was also the easiest system to get lost in. When you started playing Super Mario World, you knew you were hooked. A Cape? 128 levels? Four different colors of Yoshis? You thought you’d never get enough of it. But you had to, because that Link to the Past cartridge had been staring at you from the EB shelves since it got there.

                  Nintendo 64

                    Nintendo-64-ConsoleThe N64 was the first console to TRULY capture the moniker “Next-Gen”. Mario Kart 64, Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time… No one had ever seen anything like it before and the system seemed to be capable of unexplainable power, perhaps to end world hunger and any sort of suffering or plight. Plus it had four controller slots built in. Go Play some Goldeneye if you don’t believe me.

                    Playstation 3

                      playstation3py6The PS3 is this high on the list because, at the time of this post, it is the most powerful and magnificent home console ever produced. Not only does it have a built-in Blur-Ray Player but it has a game library with some exclusive titles that have changed.
                        • Nintendo-NESIf you are a gamer, you need no explanation. For you others, the NES is just simple and classic. Super Mario Bros., DuckHunt, RBI baseball, Castlevania, Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, Mike Tyson’s Punch-out, Excitebike… The NES had the games that made gamers want to game.  Nuff’ Said.

                        Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

                        1. Derrick says:

                          Best one ATARI!

                          i like it~ and miss the good old times…

                        2. here is my top ten
                          10 intellivishion
                          4playstation 2

                        3. Orionsaint says:

                          Virtual Boy? Taking a risk? That doesn’t make it the best. It makes Nintendo the best for taking a risk. That’s what this industry needs, more risk takers. VB itself is a piece of crap!, to me the best console is the one that had the best games, best controls and entertained me the most.

                        4. SplitJ says:

                          X360 and the Pony Slaystation 3 need to be replaced with PSX and PS2, those had way more exclusives. Oh and Xbox Live is nothing new, because, you know, the first Xbox had it?

                        5. Agent75 says:

                          You can only really list the top ten by sales, but some consoles went on for 10 years or so, so obviously they went on to sell more. The PlayStation 2 is the biggest selling console of all time, but I think the DS is the biggest selling handheld console of all time and sold more than the PlayStation 2. My top ten would include the PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Mega Drive, Xbox 360, Saturn, DS Lite, Dreamcast and Game Boy Advance. Never really rated the Xbox and GameCube. The PlayStation 3 has under performed, more so when you compare it to the PlayStation and PlayStation 2. Can’t say I owned a lot of consoles, so stuff like the NES, Atari 2600 and TurboGrafx 16 (to name a few…), never got the chance to own. Consoles that flopped did have some great games like the 3DO, Virtual Boy, Atari Jaguar and Master System. And a lot of gamers don’t realise that Microsoft actually made a loss on the original Xbox, so it was a flop. SEGA never had a top selling console. The Mega Drive flopped in Japan and Europe, it only did well in the US. Some consoles have some hidden surprises.

                        6. tushar says:

                          LOL where is ps2???

                        7. Jack says:

                          This started badly with the Virtual Boy but hey, it managed to get worse!

                          The original XBox? The Playstation 3 when you could choose between the 1 and the 2?!

                          Do you even play videogames?!

                        8. erivera_1994 says:

                          lol even with the PSN down the PS3 still beats the Shitbox 360

                          • jason778635 says:

                            shitbox 360 really get a life and xbox is better because the servers run smoother more exclusive content better controller games come out for 360 first (most of the time) you have halo for it you get better deals on stuff the only thing thats good about ps3 is that it has built in bluray better graphics (for certain games) free and has a web browser but if you have a computer why would you need a web browser on xbox and i forgot xbox processes stuff a lot faster

                        9. Axe99 says:

                          Any list of the top 10 consoles of all time without the PS2 and PSX is severely lacking in cred. But your main issue here is in that you don’t really have a cohesive rationale for what is included and left out. If it’s risk-taking, then why no Dreamcast? If it’s current power and performance (ie, the 360 and PS3), then what are the old clunkers in there for? If it’s sales, PSX, PS2 and Master System/Mega Drive should be in the mix.

                        10. Bas says:

                          PS2 not only is the top selling video game system of all time with over 150 million units, not only the system with the most amount of games with 2015+, but people are STILL buying the system and some are still making games for it! 11 years after it’s release!!! It even DESTROYED one of gamers’ most favorite console, the Dreamcast! And oh…Microsoft lost only a couple billion with the original Xbox because of yes…the PS2. The PS2 was classic not just cus of it’s numbers but also because of the controller and more importantly, the games it had, similar to how the Nintendo 64 was awesome because of it’s games.

                        11. Brandon says:

                          Like this list, but why isn’t the PS2 on here. It should be near the top of the list as it was the bestselling console of all time and had the best library of all time.

                        12. Mark says:

                          Are you kidding….the Xbox over the PS1 and PS2 with all those great exclusives

                          and no SEGA console….FAIL

                          Your list is a joke…sorry but it’s true. You talk about the Xbox giving us Online….you do realise the Dreamcast did that first.

                        13. Phats says:

                          How do you not put the Dreamcast and PS2 on this list. I mean the PS2 in my opinion changed gaming all around. An the dreamcast was way before its time, but one of my favorite systems of all time.

                        14. mike says:

                          i feel tricked. i hope you never write about video games again.

                        15. Name says:

                          No Ps2? no sega Genesis? Just a list to get website hits nothing more. not credible

                        16. Sak says:

                          Your list is lacking. I demand that you put PSX and Dreamcast in there.

                        17. Name says:

                          This is a horrific list. How is either of the Xbox consoles on there? Because of their community? The Xbox Live “community” consists of a bunch of obnoxious 12-14 year olds who play nothing but Call of Duty and Halo. And the PS3 over the PSX or PS2? This list is just bad.

                        18. nick says:

                          to bad the 360 is an epic fail crap machine and whats gives no sega genesis is bullshit you sir know shit

                        19. Name says:

                          I agree with 75% of the consoles here, but no Sega? I had a Genesis and Game Gear. No Neo Geo either? Seems like they author is from the post PS2 generation and just Googled ‘consoles’ and linked whatever he could find.

                        20. Name says:

                          This is a poor article. Not a single Sega system!

                        21. Sammy Danger says:

                          Any list where N64 aint #1 will not be taken seriously. especially with PS3 at the 2 spot.

                        22. Danjer047 says:

                          I really hope this isn’t in any kind of order…

                        23. SungTow says:

                          I still have my original Atari 2600 and Nintendo. Stil play them from time to time.

                        24. Joseph says:

                          Wow, someone has there head up there ass and hand in Nintendos pocket! How in the hell do you have the N64 on this list and not the sega genisis, or 3do, or colecovision, heard of the dreamcast?

                        25. Will says:

                          I agree with the NES and The atari 2600, but wheres the ps2?

                        26. Anon says:

                          Complete lack of Sega on this list makes it a useless top ten. Megadrive and Dreamcast were awesome.
                          Remember Sega does what Nintendon’t.

                        27. reaslist says:

                          I suppose the PS3 is magnificent, so long as you don’t mind having your credit card stolen by hackers, your wallet drained of cash, useless add-ons, and having to wait two years for xbox 360 games. Oh, but there is Gran Turismo, and… Well, I’m sure there is something else.

                          • L1qu1d says:

                            Its Sony that made the mistake, not the console moron. The console still works like a console and play games.

                            Also let me help u with ur list.

                            GT 5
                            Heavy Rain
                            God of war
                            Ratchet series
                            Sly Series
                            Metal Gear Solid
                            Heavenly Sword
                            Little Big Planet
                            3D Dot Game heroes
                            Demon Souls
                            Last Gaurdian
                            Valkyria chronicles


                            360 loses more exclusives every year than what it actually makes.

                          • Name says:

                            Uncharted, Infamous, Killzone, Metal Gear Solid, Resistance, Heavy Rain, God of War, The Last Guardian, Socom, Yakuza… shall I go on? The encription used on the PSN is the same that is being used on the Xboxlive, so if they cracked PSN, they can crack xboxlive.

                        28. colaxs says:

                          Epic Fail. You include the PS3 and ignore the PS2? Seriously?

                          And no SEGA Genesis, but you include Turbo Grafix?

                        29. bleach says:

                          you have forgotten the atari’s JAGUAR, the first 64 bits game console.

                        30. TheReviewer says:

                          Could not agree more about the Virtual Boy.

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