Who Will Win Celebrity Apprentice?

    April 26, 2011 at 5:00 am

    The cast of The Celebrity Apprentice

    The Celebrity Apprentice is now down to seven competitors. All the fat has been trimmed (in the case of Star Jones–literally) and the true competitors are still left standing. Being a person who watches the show (even though every season I swear I won’t) I’ve become a handicapper of sorts. I’m usually right in my guesses. Here is who is left in the competition and if they will be the last one standing.


    Hope Dworaczyk

    Before I get into Hope (I WISH!) I noticed something interesting going into the boardroom last night: why is it that the Playmate of the Year downplays her sexuality with pant suits and little skin but the 46-year-old deaf actress (who don’t get me wrong looks pretty damn good) wears incredibly revealing outfits?? Something to think about for later in this post.

    It happens almost every season on Celebrity Apprentice; a gorgeous face makes it far just by staying quiet, getting along with everyone in the group and just doing what they are told without making waves. I thought at the start of the season that would be Nikki Taylor but Hope has just been chugging along with her adorable face and insane body…of work. Seriously, she won as a project manager and hasn’t really done that bad. Next week is probably the end of the road, especially if the women lose the challenge. Just like Latoya this week, Hope will be considered the weakest player on the team and Trump will give her the axe just to keep the teams three on three. The only thing to save hope is an A.S.A.P victory or…

    Nene Leakes

    Oh boy. Judging from the previews next week should be a blast. Nene and Star go at it with Nene losing her sh*t before the task even begins. Turmoil in a group is usually a good indicator that the women’s team will pull it out. Think about every episode this season and it’s editing; every group that seems “lost” always ends up winning. It’s becoming boringly predictable. Anyway, if the women do end up in the board room, the blame could land on Nene for causing “such a distraction” and I don’t think she can out last Star in a verbal chess match (more on that later). If Hope doesn’t go, Nene is next in line. That will be the greatest limo interview in TV history. Can they just bring Latoya back to yell “cause that’s how she rolls” when Nene is done screaming into the camera?


    Meatloaf/Lil’ Jon

    Honestly, I gave these two no chance when the season first started. Meatloaf I figured would be gone by the first two weeks (two outta three ain’t bad) and Lil’ John I felt just wouldn’t mesh well with the group. I was wrong. Lil’ Jon has done extremely well in every task and is incredibly creative. Meatloaf is allegedly incredibly creative (according to the men in the group, though I’ve never really seen anything that fantastic) and figured out how to keep his anger and emotions in check before they got him booted off the show. Both these guys will probably end up being project manager one last time, and if the men lose, this late in the game it’s usually the PM that gets the blame. They do have some hope of winning should the men continue to pick off the women and they are the last three competitors. 

    (Side Note – Seriously is there a worse nickname than Meat? I know the guy is a musical legend (according to Trump) but couldn’t he just use his real name during the competition? I have to chuckle every time a grown man calls him Meat. And it Meatloaf really that long of a name to say? Call him Meatloaf. Or loaf. That’s at least descriptively more accurate. )


    John Rich

    I’ll put this in the words of Donald Trump “John Rich is a very smart guy. A very, very smart guy. He knows what he is doing. He is a fantastic competitor and has done very, very well.” See how I just said a whole lot of nothing? That’s Trump speak. Anyway, Rich has become a Trump favorite. Unless he royally screws up he is making it to the final two. Maybe he’ll use that little person friend of his one too many times and get the axe. For my money though, they can never have too many midgets in a task on Celebrity Apprentice.

    Star Jones

    Star goes far for two reasons: she is a former lawyer and it will be incredibly hard for any of the competitors to out talk her in the board room. Nene can out scream her and out catchphrase her but she will have an impossible time trying to make strong arguments against a woman who was once paid to argue cases in a court of law. The other reason was evident in last night’s episode. Star makes herself almost bulletproof. The women lost and the entire concept was Star’s idea AND she was the PM yet never at any point was she in danger of getting fired. A couple weeks ago just the concept was Sugar Ray’s fault (whatever his name is) and he got sent home. Star did it all last night and Latoya was sent packing. Star will be hard to beat on Celebrity Apprentice.

    (Side Note #2-  Trump’s joke about Star’s old a**. I’m still cringing about the joke and the image. )


    Marlee Matlin

    I’ve got many theories on Marlee Matlin being the winner and they actually came before this season of Celebrity Apprentice even really started. First, Marlee has been a great player. She raised a ton of money as a PM, does what she is told, never gets in the middle of arguing and always thinks before she signing to her interpreter Gilbert Gottfried. She always looks fantastic going into the boardroom (check her outfit from last night) and is humble and even pretty funny. All those things will help but here is why I feel she will win: the Donald Trump Celebrity Roast on Comedy Central. It aired a couple months back, and not only was Marlee in attendance, she was one of the Roasters. Seemed like an odd pick. Unless the show taped right around the time The Apprentice wrapped up and Matlin came out the winner. Even if it’s a live final show, and the winner wasn’t picked, Matlin will be in the final two.

    So who do you think is going to win Celebrity Apprentice?

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