The Today Show Has Been #1 For 800 Weeks?!?

    April 22, 2011 at 11:00 am

    Hoda And Kathie Lee From The Today Show As Jedi Knights

    The Today Show has been the number 1 morning news show for an amazing 800 weeks in a row. Doing the rough math, that’s fifteen years running. Media Bistro has details of the daily beatdown…

    NBC’s “Today” show has now been the #1 morning show for 800 weeks straight. Last week, “Today” had an 850,000 Total Viewer lead on #2 “Good Morning America.” All three shows were up compared to the same week last year in both Total Viewers and younger viewers.

    Does this perhaps explain the departure of Meredith and Matt. Sure, Lauer has been doing it for years and might just be bored and Vieira works a nutty schedule that has her taping different TV shows for almost eight hours a day but I’ve got to believe it must get dulling beating the competitions ass week after week for almost two decades.They are like the Harlem Globetrotters of morning news.

    I’d start trying to make it a tighter race. Do interviews with the most boring people possible, make the entire show one big ad for NBC programming and let Al Roker do stuff beside weather and Hoda and Kathie Lee get drunk on live television. Oh wait, they already do all that.

    Fine, let’s try baboons in roller derby outfits. Although that might INCREASE ratings.

    Morning Show Ratings: Week of April 11; ‘Today’ on Top 800 Weeks Straight [Media Bistro]

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