The Best Weird Al Yankovic Videos

    April 21, 2011 at 10:00 am

    weird al yankovicIt’s a good time for a collection of the best Weird Al Yankovic videos, because yesterday Weird Al posted a new Lady Gaga parody video, Perform This Way, on his Youtube channel. When the video was first posted, His Weirdness announced that he’d be including the track on his upcoming album, but Lady Gaga’s “people” (not Little Monsters) got wind of the Perform This Way and informed Weird Al that he was not allowed to include the video on his album.  However, Lady Gaga finally watched the Perform This Way video, and it turns out she really like it (because that’s what you’re supposed to do when Weird Al parodies your video. Duh.) Anyway, Weird Al announced yesterday afternoon that, thanks to Lady Gaga’s approval, Perform This Way will be on the upcoming album. In honor of this momentus occasion, we’ve collected the best Weird Al Yankovic videos (including the new one, Perform This Way). Enjoy!

    Perform This Way

    White & Nerdy

    Amish Paradise


    Smells Like Nirvana


    Like a Surgeon

    Eat It

    Jurassic Park

    And of course, Polkarama!

    1. pocompton says:

      Love the constant unstoppable and annoying ads that pops up every minute. Turning into f*cking tv.

    2. TheReviewer says:

      I was nine year’s old and was super excited b/c I was going to purchase the Nirvana Nevermind cd at Target. When I got home and opened it, it wasn’t the Nirvana cd, but it was Weird A’s Off the Deep End cd. I knew nothing about Weird Al before my mistake, but I kept and loved the cd.

    3. Ron Shea says:

      You forgot to include DARE TO BE STUPID, definitely one of the top ten of his videos! Great DEVO parody!

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