Would You Rather? With Comedian Brandon Vestal

    April 14, 2011 at 11:00 am

    This week, comedian Brandon Vestal joins us for a rousing game of Would You Rather?

    Vestal‘s comedy has been referred to as “extremely powerful“ and it‘s been used by thousands to make the world a better place. Some examples include FEMA handing out Brandon‘s comedy CD instead of water and shelter. Tom Brady leaned on Brandon‘s comedy while rehabbing his knee through the 2008 football season. In the latest version of the senate health care bill Brandon‘s comedy replaced the “public option“ as a way to insure the uninsured. Brandon Vestal’s comedy album “No Moleste” released by New Wave Dynamics is available on iTunes and Amazon.

    EGOTV: As a man, would you rather lose your girlfriend’s pet OR her diamond ring?

    BRANDON VESTAL: I would rather lose her ring. She loves that dog way more than anything else, me included. Also I’m a comedian so that rings isn’t very impressive.

    EGOTV: Have to walk around carrying a CPR dummy OR wearing big clown shoes?

    BRANDON VESTAL: That’s easy. I live in LA so I would wear the big clown shoes and not one person would look at me twice. In fact I might do that today.

    EGOTV: Have to steal from a blind man OR girl scout?

    BRANDON VESTAL: Girl Scout fo sho! When you rob a blind guy you get a cane. When you rob a girl scout you get cookies.

    EGOTV: Be ugly and poor and live to be 90 OR hot and rich and live to be 45?

    Ugly Old Man

    BRANDON VESTAL: Probably hot and rich. I’ve been ugly and poor for thirty years. I can’t take sixty more years of this.

    EGOTV: Have your named spelled wrong on the advertising and credits for your first major Hollywood project OR have your name spelled wrong on your tombstone?

    BRANDON VESTAL: Tombstone. Really how many people are gonna see your tombstone. Also the people who do go can have a nice laugh. “Here lies Brandon Vesticle”. Good times.

    Brandon Vestal’s comedy album “No Moleste” released by New Wave Dynamics is available on iTunes and Amazon.

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