Ryan Seacrest Tops The Hollywood Reporter’s Reality Power List

    April 8, 2011 at 11:00 am

    Ryan Seacrest of American Idol

    Ryan Seacrest was named the most powerful reality show producer by The Hollywood Reporter. This means that not only is there another meaningless list out in the world but there is now a handy, dandy cheat sheet of all the people who are to blame for such crappy television.

    According to The Hollywood Reporter…

    The rankings were determined by, among other things: Having a reputation for quality and innovation within the business; the indelible mark one makes on his or her shows as overseeing executive, producer, or talent; ones overall impact on pop culture, and the “watercooler” factor: Ones ability to create dramatic, comedic and can’t-miss TV moments.

    So you’ve got to be a little slimy, be able to pick out the lunatics to put in front of the camera and..in their own words…”create dramatic, comedic and can’t-miss TV moments.” Create, as in “manufacture” them, meaning, this isn’t really reality TV but scripted. Their words, not ours. Although it must be a hell of job making the Kardashians the least bit interesting to anyone but themselves.

    Lifetime and History head Nancy Dubuc moves up to fifth place from No. 15 in 2010, while Jersey Shore producer SallyAnn Salsano (No. 10) and Kitchen Chef’s Gordon Ramsay (No. 20) also make repeat appearances. Morgan J. Freeman, the executive producer of Teen Mom, and Brent Montgomery, the man behind Pawn Stars, make their Reality List debuts at No. 24 and 32, respectively. Kris Jenner, the power behind the Kardashian empire, comes in at No. 50.

    Yes, for one second, I thought THE Morgan Freeman was the executive producer of Teen Mom. Which would have been scary and hysterical to think about, especially if the real Morgan Freeman was also the narrated the show. I might watch it if they were the case.

    Ryan Seacrest Is No. 1 on THR’s Reality Power List – [The Hollywood Reporter]

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