Five Reasons Charlie Sheen Was Booed Off Stage

    April 4, 2011 at 5:00 am

    Charlie Sheen was booed off stage during his first live performance this weekend in Detroit. He died. This time for real. It was so bad… it was so bad..hell, just watch how bad it was right here compliments of Gawker.

    It sounds pretty crowded in the joint but I guess people either stuck around to get their money’s worth and boo the hell out of Sheen or they were just waiting for the customary Detroit riot that follows every live event in the Motor City.

    Sheen won’t finish this tour. He will either quit or people will sell the tickets or just not show up. It was an awful idea from the start and had turd show written all over it from the start. Here is why…

    He Is An Actor Not An Ad-Libber

    Charlie Sheen is good at two things; reading a script and reciting those lines in front of a camera. He isn’t a stage performer. He is an actor. No one, no matter how crazy, interesting or full of tiger blood can go on stage with less than a month prep time and pull off a live show. Even if he could, he needs a team of writers and people behind the scenes feeding him material. Two chicks making out on stage isn’t exactly a groundbreaking and buzz-worthy performance idea.

    His Schtick Is Old Already

    The catchphrases, the ranting, the warlock crap has all been put out there for consumption. There is nothing Sheen could say that is going to shock anyone in attendance. It’s a little like the guy that writes the awesome first book or killer first album but then puts out nothing note worthy the rest of his career. That first piece was years and years of material and it’s all used up. Sheen only had so much in him and now he is grasping for anything interesting to say.

    There Is No Point

    Is this all leading somewhere like a talk show or another run at a scripted TV series or is this just to make money off the media storm (which has already died down)? Conan went on the road because he couldn’t appear on TV and needed to do something to keep people interested until his TBS show started. That made sense. This is just a tour of theaters hoping some brilliant idea hatches from the performance.

    No One Really Cares

    It was fun the first couple days and now the Sheen thing is old news. All the people that bought tickets, I’m not quite sure what they were hoping to see, but I’m sure they are all disappointed. They were just the last to jump on board the “who gives a crap about Charlie” train.

    He Is His Own Worst Enemy

    He isn’t making this any easier on himself should he ever really want to work in Hollywood again. This is all digging him into a deeper hole. The more he goes out in public and bashes the industry the less we are all going to see of Charlie Sheen. Maybe that means we, the people, are actually “winning.”

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