2011 April Fool’s Day Website Prank Roundup

    April 1, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    Today is April Fool’s Day, which means dozens of website pranks for April Fool’s Day 2011. Website pranks this year were expansive, ranging from disappointing, to awesome, to downright brilliant. We’ve created a 2011 April Fool’s Day Website Prank Roundup to help you keep track of them all.

    Google Introduces Google Motion

    google motion instructionsThe biggest search engine and email behemoth on the internet made itself a little more user-friendly today by introducing GMail Motion, a faux system that allows a user to access and use their Gmail account, similar to the way Xbox Kinect allows its users to destroy their brain cells, break their furniture, and exercise at the same time. Of course, the Gmail motion system is a complete hoax. For now, you’ll have to stick to checking your email the old fashioned way: with a few simple clicks and swipes on the touchscreen of your smart phone.

    Urlesque Goes Gibberish

    urlesque prank siteUrlesque, one of the best online sources for all things internet-related, apparently suffered from a heavy berdation last night, because the entire site went gibberish on April first. Despite the fact that there’s not a single actual word on the entire page (except for ads, of course), the site is surprisingly easy to navigate, and there’s really no mystery as to what the featured content is. But, if it’s too much for the language part of your brain to handle, there’s always the option of reverting to the regular Urlesque for satisfy all your internet news cravings.

    Funny or Die Becomes Friday or Die

    funny or die prankJust when you thought Rebecca Black’s ridiculously viral “Friday” video had worn out its welcome, Funny or Die brings it back. Working under the guise that Rebecca purchased the site for her own personal use, The entire front page of Funny or Die features Rebecca Black-related content. It’s more than just jumping the shark; FOD has taken Rebecca Black’s Friday video and completely crammed it down the shark’s throat. They’re lucky April Fool’s fell on a Friday this year. Otherwise it would’ve been aawwwkkwwaaarrrddd.

    AskMen Introduces the iPhone Smell App

    askmen prank siteAskMen, the premiere destination for all things man-related, is introducing a delightful new product this April Fool’s Day: it’s an app that you can smell. It’s crazy right? Apps can’t smell! But according to the folks over at AskMen, that’s what makes this app so special. It’s available for Android and Iphone, and I have no idea what actually happens when you download it, but if you do leave a comment and let us know.

    The Chive Becomes a Food Blog

    the chive prank siteThe Chive is the Internet’s favorite destination for awesome, sexy, funny, and downright amazing pictures and galleries. Today, however, they’ve converted their entire site to something else that everyone loves: food. All the featured content on the site today has to do with delicious meals and snacks. Of course, The Chive hasn’t abandoned its roots; all the content is still heavily photo-based. Somehow, it’s still just as entertaining as the site is every other day of the year, but there’s one key difference: looking at The Chive today makes you really, really hungry.

    Flicker Finally Corrects Its Spelling Error

    flickr logoSince its inception, Flickr has been a thorn in the side of internet grammar nazis, because the name of the photo-storage megasite is missing an E. It drives some people crazy. Luckily, today (only) is a good day for those of us who find ourselves enraged by grammatical errors and omissions on the internet, because when you log in to your Flickr account on April Fool’s Day, you’ll find that Flickr (or should I say “Flicker”) has finally corrected their egregious spelling error. It’s times like this that I wish every day could be April Fool’s Day.

    Groupon Trademarks “April Fool’s”

    groupon april fools patent prankWhen it comes to April Fool’s Day pranks, Groupon basically has two choices: they can either give people fantastic coupons that turn out to be completely fake and then laugh their butts off when people show up to the fanciest restaurant in town hoping for a $20 meal and promptly get kicked to the curb, or they can say that they’re patenting the term “April Fool’s” so that they can collect royalties on every prank ever pulled in the name of the most schadenfreude holiday ever invented, which will henceforth be known as Groupon April Fool’s Day.

    Youtube Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary

    youtube prank 100 yearsYoutube is notorious for it’s infamous April Fool’s Day pranks. Whether it’s replacing all of their homepage videos with hidden RickRoll’s or flipping the entire layout upside down for a day, Youtube always takes the cake when it comes to internet website April Fool’s Day pranks. This year, however, it was all about subtlety and production value. The Youtube team painstakingly recreated a handful of Youtube classics in the style of old silent films to celebrate “Youtube’s 100th anniversary”. It’s not a major site overhaul prank like we’ve seen in the past, but it’s definitely eloquent, stylish, and very well executed.

    Virgin’s CEO Sir Richard Branson Buys Pluto

    virgin mobile richard branson plutoSir Richard Branson, owner of the Virgin enterprise, may be British and filthy rich, but he’s not above pulling an epic April Fool’s Day prank of his own. This morning, Sir Richard announced that he’s purchased the (former) planet Pluto and is working to have it reinstated as an the 9th planet of our Solar System. It’s a funny prank, but it’s also not a far stretch for a guy who is building his own space program. By the way, don’t Google Image search “Virgin prank”. Just trust me on that.

    Attlasian Introduces Angry Nerds

    angry nerdsAtlassian, a nerdy tech company that makes business and development software, announced today that it’s rolling out a new business section: mobile gaming. Their first endeavor into the world of gaming is a play on the most popular mobile game in the history of mobile games, Angry Birds. The spin is that it’s called Angry Nerds. Functionally, the game is the same as Angry Birds, except that instead of shooting birds at pigs (which is completely logical), you shoot computer nerds at software bugs. Obviously the game is a joke. Atlassian has no plans to begin making mobile games, and even if they did, they probably wouldn’t start by ripping off the most popular game ever. Rovio, the creators of Angry Birds, apparently didn’t get the joke (they might not have April Fool’s Day in Finland) and quickly sent Atlassian a cease and desist letter. Rather than taking down their one-day joke, Atlassian has included the letter in their joke. A quick glance at the fake “Reviews” section of the Angry Nerds website will reveal a review from Rovio that reads simply “Cease and Desist”. Well played, nerds. Well played.

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      I like hiow you got them all together and put them in one place. I missed these but you didn’t! Thanks EGO!

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