The Best Jackie Chan Fight Scenes

    March 29, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    jackie chan funny picIt’s difficult to compile a collection of the best Jackie Chan fight scenes, because every Jackie Chan fight scene is totally awesome. Since the internet was all up in a tizzy today with an unfounded (and completely untrue) Jackie Chan death hoax, it seems like a good time to highlight Jackie Chan’s superhuman abilities as a martial artist and stuntman. Nobody can choreograph a martial arts fight scene like Jackie Chan, and Jackie Chan’s use of sets and props in his fight scenes is both unprecedented and unmatched. Here are 10 of the best Jackie Chan fight scenes ever, but don’t worry: every Jackie Chan fight scene is incredible.

    Police Story 2

    The Playground Fight



    City Hunter

    The Street Fighter Parody Fight



    Rumble in the Bronx

    The Warehouse Fight




    vs. Brad Allen



    First Strike

    The Ladder Fight



    Police Story

    The Mall Fight



    Drunken Master 2 (aka, Legend of the Drunken Master)

    The Factory Fight



    Dragon Lord

    The Final Fight



    The Karate Kid

    Jackie Beats Up Children



    Dragons Forever

    The Final Fight, feat. Benny “The Jet”



    1. diggerreedoo says:

      The battle between Jackie Chan and Benny the Jet in Wheels on Meals is pure martial arts fantasticalism

    2. renegade13 says:

      ok. i didn’t see it mentioned but if no one has seen it you have to check out Jackie Chan’s Who am I… the fight scene close to the end of the movie. he fights to guys up on a roof top. best fight scene of all of his movies i have seen.

    3. N says:

      I fucking hate your mouse cursor hi-jacking banners. If the cursor leaves the banner, the arrow icon needs to be restored. Fix this bullshit

    4. I am a big fan of Jackie, and you have done a nice job, thank U.

    5. TheReviewer says:

      love the “who am i” fight scene on the roof

    6. Ranjeet says:

      good presentation

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