Shamrocks, Cheerleaders, and Extra Hotness

    March 17, 2011 at 2:30 pm

    never ending story funny cheerleader picWhat’s the best thing about any sporting event? That’s right. Its the over-priced, under-delicious stadium food. And what’s the second best thing about sporting events? Cheerleaders! Here are 68 NCAA Cheerleaders to stare at for a few hours. For more things to stare at, check out EgoTv’s Facebook Page and Twitter.

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    Karissa Shannon is Festive & HOT [BRO BIBLE]
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    Josefina Cisternas is also HOT [TOTALLY CRAP]
    NIT Cheerleaders Could Use an Upgrade [BUSTED COVERAGE]
    Cheetahs and Hyenas are Dumb [TRU TV]
    Tessie Tarrentino Shows of Her Shamrocks [DJ MICK]
    Great. Another ‘Friends with Benefits’ Movie…[POPOHOLIC]
    How Japan Explains Its Nuclear Crisis to Kids [THE DAILY WHAT]
    Animals Dressed Up for St. Paddy’s Day [UPROXX]
    Eva Amurri is the HOTTEST [MAXIM]

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