Babes, Bank Robbers, and Cyborg Roaches

    March 16, 2011 at 3:00 pm

    This excellent video features a bunch of scantly-clad hot babes dancing around and shaking their goodies. Apparently there’s also some music in it, too. For more shaking and goodies, check out EgoTV’s Facebook page and Twitter.

    Ciara is HOT [POPOHOLIC]
    Bras: They’re Not Just for Boobs Anymore [THE SMOKING JACKET]
    Christine Dolce is also HOT [CAVEMAN CIRCUS]
    The Japanese Nuclear Disaster for Dummies [NED HARDY]
    Remote Control Cockroaches! [AOL NEWS]
    Best Picture Ever? [HOLY TACO]
    How NOT To Rob a Bank [UNCOACHED]
    Stiffler Goes to Rehab [THE SUPERFICIAL]
    Snake Bites Boob, Dies From Silicon [LINKIEST]
    Simon Pegg & Nick Frost Do Star Wars [COLLEGE HUMOR]
    Kitty in Thigh-High Stockings is HOT [DJMICK]
    Taylor Makakoa is SO HOT [MAXIM]

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