8 Awful Stand-Up Comedy Acts

    March 16, 2011 at 5:00 am

    It was 1993. George Carlin. Live. About two miles from my house. My friend and I bought tickets and showed up way, way too early. We were jacked. Before Carlin, there was a warm-up act. I don’t remember his name and can barely picture his face but I do remember this: He was hands down the worst comedian ever. He made it through about five minutes of his set before getting booed off stage. He was so awful my friend and I wondered if it wasn’t some type of plant to make Carlin look so hysterical in comparison even though he really didn’t need to pull a gag.

    Thinking about it all these years later I think the guy was just that bad. Stand-up is rough but that doesn’t stop awful people from giving it a shot. Here are eight of those people.

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