Would You Rather? With Frank Nicotero

    March 11, 2011 at 11:00 am

    Frank Nicotero joins us this week for Would You Rather? You know Frank Nicotero; he’s THAT STREET SMARTS GUY. Well, he’s the guy that hosted the hit syndicated show “Street Smarts” for five years and has a  daily web series called Yahoo TV‘s “Primetime Time In No Time.”. On his new comedy album Frank brings his street smarts to the stage, letting us all know what he thinks about cops, colonoscopies, cell phones, Cialis, and condoms. Let’s talk to Frank about some REAL issues.

    EgoTV: Would you rather…Live the rest of your life interacting with only 60 year olds OR 16 year olds for the rest of your life?

    Frank Nicotero: I would rather interact with 16 year olds so I’m considered the Emperor of 16 year old land and I’d be the wisest man in all the world.

    EgoTV: Get caught shoplifting OR urinating in public? – ever been caught doing either?

    Frank Nicotero:I’d rather get caught urinating…because I have and it’s kind of funny. Not because I’d be naked but because peeing is funny.

    EgoTV: Forget your spouses birthday OR buy her a dress that is three sizes too big? (If you’re a female, which would be worse?)

    Frank Nicotero:I’d rather buy a dress three sizes too big because I could tell her I thought there was way more of her to love.

    EgoTV: Drink a quart of tequila in eight hours OR a keg of beer in five days?

    Frank Nicotero:Keg of beer in five days because I’ve done that.

    EgoTV: Be thought of as an incompetent fool OR an inadequate lover?

    Frank Nicotero:I’d rather be thought of as a fool. That way there is no pressure.

    EgoTV: Age only from the neck up OR the neck down?

    Frank Nicotero:Age from the neck down because you can cover that up. It’d be weird to have an old face and killer body.

    Frank Nicotero’s comedy album That Street Smarts Guy, released by New Wave Dynamics, is available on iTunes and Amazon. And watch Frank on his daily web series Yahoo TV‘s “Primetime Time In No Time.”

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