Video: Japanese Skyscrapers Swaying During Earthquake

    March 11, 2011 at 2:25 pm

    This remarkable home video from Japan during the devastating 8.9 earthquake shows skyscrapers swaying back and forth. The prestige of Japanese Engineering is on display here. Can you imagine the devastation that would have occured if the Japanese weren’t so awesome at building things?

    1. superstar says:

      ALL steel structures sway safely under horizontal forces. In fact, such movement is actually preferable as it allows building to move with the force rather than against it. It’s the resistance to horizontal force that causes a building to topple in earthquakes and high winds. The Japanese know how to build a skyscraper correctly, just like every other country.

    2. KipNoxzema says:

      An earthquake being filmed, but the camera doesn’t shake?

      Gotta call BS on this one.

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