Funny Newspaper Ads, Denny’s Brawls, and Flying Houses

    March 7, 2011 at 4:56 pm

    Click the image to see 5 Hilarious News Clippings to Start Your Week.

    The proliferation of the internet in recent years has made newspapers seem like some ancient relic from dinosaur times. The print industry has suffered from catastrophic downsizing. While that really sucks, it also has some benefits, like a lack of funding to hire competent editors who can find hilarious ad mistakes and correct them before the internet gets a hold of them. Speaking of the mistakes and the internet, be sure to check out our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter!

    The Links:

    9 Worst People to Watch a Sports Game With (TotalProSports)
    Old People Rapping: “Baby Got Back” (GorillaMask)
    Sometimes Charlie Sheen’s Girlfriend Bree Olson Wears Clothes (DJMick)
    Miley Cyrus Doing a Lindsay Lohan Impersonation (Popoholic)
    Pornstar Breanne Benson: How To Bang at Work (BroBible)
    Blake Lively Dresses Like a Mirror, Then Stands Next to One (HollywoodTuna)
    Kids Talking About Charlie Sheen (CollegeHumor)
    The 10 Greatest Denny’s Brawls Caught on Camera (SuperBooyah)
    ‘Walking Dead’ Season 2 Will Be Set in a Prison (ScreenJunkies)
    Scientists Re-Create ‘Up’ In Real Life, Lift House with Balloons (FilmDrunk)

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