Courtney Cox Has A New Pair Of Friends?

    March 3, 2011 at 8:00 am

    Speculation over at The Daily Mail that Courtney Cox is sporting a new set of fun bags. Let’s join the discussion in progress…

    She might be 46, but age seems to be no barrier for Courteney Cox’s gravity-defying bikini body and the actress made sure to show off her ample curves while in Hawaii. Courteney was filming Cougar Town when her bustier look sparked speculation that she might have had a helping hand

    The green two-piece was either boasting some uplifting padding, or the former Friends star has taken more drastic measures to boost her bust.

    Guess they must be bored of Royal Wedding talk already. Moving on to more hard hitting issues like whether or not Courtney Cox has a new set of friends.

    Here are two more pictures. I’ll let you all talk about yourselves in the comments.

    Is Cougar Courteney Cox showing off a bustier bikini body in tiny two-piece? [Daily Mail]

    1. sexy says:

      don’t think she got a boobjob, I think she gained some weight (and looks a whole lot healthier)

    2. robert adams says:

      well courtney all i can say is wow, if you got a helping hand or not you sure do have that wow factor good luck enjoy

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