AM Hot Links – Sexy Countries, Plastic Surgery and Pancake Day

    March 2, 2011 at 4:00 am

    Click the photo to read about the 25 sexiest countries in the world.

    Every country has hot chicks. America wins though. Only because of the accents. I think every other accent would get old after a while. Unless the chick didn’t talk. Then she’d be pretty close to perfect.

    Sexy foreign girls hang out on the EgoTV Facebook page.

    The Links

    25 Celebrities Before And After Plastic Surgery – [Super Booyah]
    Video: Dom Mazzetti Gets Ready to Host a Party – [BroBible]
    Celebrate National Pancake Day With These 15 Awesome Pancakes – [MTV]
    Pot Smoking 30-year-old Knows He’s ‘Dumb’ – [TruTV]
    6 Classic Series You Didn’t Know Were Made Up on the Fly – [Cracked]
    Aguilera’s Boyfriend — The SAD Walk Out of Jail – [TMZ]
    When in Doubt, Drunken Celebrities – [Uncoached]
    Russian Weight Lifting – [Double Viking]
    ‘Monopoly’ Fanatics Have a Monopoly on Weirdness – [AOL News]
    Flowchart: Should You Make a Move? – [College Humor]
    Lindsay Lohan Naked All Over the Place: A Good Thing? – [The Smoking Jacket]
    25 Chicks Giving You the Finger – [Holy Taco]
    Justin Bieber Motorboated Selena Gomez – [The Superficial]
    Daisy Dee in a Zebra-kini Makes Me Want to Hunt – [DJ Mick]
    Jessica Biel’s Profile Of Uber Hotness – [Popoholic]
    Emmy Rossum and Laura Wiggins Double The Topless Pleasure in Shameless (VIDEO) – [Egotastic]
    Today’s Girl: Teresa Palmer – [Maxim]
    Candice Swanepoel Gets Topless For Something – [Hollywood Tuna]
    Taylor Swift Shocking Racist Photo – [Celeb Jihad]
    Things You Won’t See At Your Local Chipotle…Kelly Brook In This Outfit! – [Busted Coverage]

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