Oh Lord! ABC Is Casting For A New Show Called “Good Christian B*tches”

    February 28, 2011 at 8:00 am

    ABC is looking for some Good Christian Bitches. Sounds like the possible autobiography of Stephen Baldwin.

    Jennifer Aspen has been cast in ABC’s Good Christian Bitches pilot.

    The dramedy, from Sex and the City executive producer Darren Star and based on Kim Gatlin’s book, follows a woman who moves back to her Dallas neighborhood after a divorce only to become the center of salacious gossip from the community’s church-going wives.

    This is never going to happen. I’ll bet my favorite rosary beads on it. I mean, the show might happen, but there is no WAY that ABC will air a television with titled “Good Christian Bitches.” No way. It’s a stunt. They will change the name last minute under heavy protest from every Christian group in the US. It will do just enough to get some buzz going.

    Aspen starred opposite Rodney Carrington in the ABC comedy Rodney. And she has a recurring role on Glee as Jessalyn Gilsig’s sister.

    What the hell is a Rodney? Seriously. That was a show? Was it about Rodney Dangerfield? Who is Rodney Carrington. Is he a country singer. Is this American television. I’m lost.

    ABC Studios is still working on casting the lead after Christina Applegate, one of pilot season’s most in-demand actresses, passed on the role.

    “It’s called what? I’ll pass. I’m still trying to make people forget I played Kelly Bundy.”

    Jennifer Aspen Cast in ABC’s ‘Good Christian Bitches’ – [The Hollywood Reporter]

    1. Jeeves says:

      What crap will they think of next? Religion is always a fail

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