Where They At? Michael Fishman

    February 21, 2011 at 11:00 am

    To keep track of all the people who have arrived on the scene with a massive explosion only to disappear and never be heard from again, EgoTV presents “Where they At?”, a status update of where those people have done since the limelight has faded.

    Today’s Subject: Michael Fishman

    How It All Started: Michael and his sister started audition in 1987 when Michael was only 5. His older sister Robyn (one year older) wanted to act and Michael would go along for auditions. It was at this point that Michael met Roseanne Barr. Even with no real acting experience Roseanne pushed for him because she saw potential. He won the role of D.J. Connor and began working on Roseanne at the age of six. The show lasted for nine seasons and was a critical and commercial success. Michael continued to act while attending high school and and also attended the prestigious Orange County High School of the Arts first acting in the Musical Theater department then moving into Technical Theater.

    Where Is He Now? After the death of close friend and co-star on Roseanne, Glenn Quinn in 2002, Michael returned to the entertainment industry. As he prepared for his return Michael’s wife became ill. She was hospitalized after the birth of their second child causing him to put his career on hold. Michael spent the next few years nursing Jennifer back to health while working in numerous fields.

    Michael is credited with everything from set building, set design, camera operating, assistant directing and even props. This included helping Roseanne as she produced her “Rockin’ with Roseanne” children’s video. Michael was nominated for an Emmy for “Outstanding Set Design / Art Direction” for the show Sports Science in 2007. He was the primary builder and fabricator among the Art Department.

    Michael is working to produce some of his own original material in addition to pursuing the right return as an actor.

    1. Mike Jay says:

      You can also catch Michael Fishman guest co-hosting on Unscripted Radio, along side Katrina Johnson (“All That”) and Karan Ashley (“Might Morphin’ Power Rangers”) The shows airs weeknights at 9pm ET on Blog Talk Radio, follow the URL to catch on-demand episodes.

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