Detroit Is Getting A Robocop Statue (Instead Of Real Cops)

    February 18, 2011 at 8:00 am

    No more is Sylvester Stallone/Rocky the only pointless movie statue standing pointlessly in a major city. Robocop is getting his own statue in Detroit. For some reason.

    Just got back from my first, very painful session in rehab, and it seems some anonymous donor plunked down $25,000.00 and now…  DETROIT is going to get its ROBOCOP statue!   This, frankly, rules!

    Not only is the city getting a statue of Robcop but some sucker dropped 25K to make it happen. I’m hoping it’s the guy that played Robocop because anyone else is just an idiot.

    I’ll keep you folks informed as to the progress of the ROBOCOP statue – and once it is erected, we’ll get photos and let you know exactly how to visit it – and suggest themed notions as to how to act in its awe-inspiring presence.   Alex Murphy might have lost his family, but his spirit to serve and protect, to uphold the law…  it will be eternal.   He may be a fictional hero, but like so many fictional heroes – that does not diminish his ability to inspire and capture imaginations.

    Any guesses on how many times the statue gets stolen or defaced? Probably about 25, 000 times.

    Geeks of the World Win! ROBOCOP Statue in Detroit – Fully Financed!!! – [Ain’t It Cool News]

    1. John says:

      Considering the three Robocop films were actually done in Dallas, Houston and Atlanta, why is anybody wasting time, money and effort for this statue? I’m sure tourists will flock to Detroit just for this farce.

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