Nose Way! Janet Jackson Reveals Stars ‘Eat Kleenex’ To Stay Thin

    February 17, 2011 at 8:00 am

    I’ve heard of the cookie diet, the grapefruit diet and the cocaine until you die diet but Janet Jackson is shedding light on a fabulous celebrity diet of which I was unaware; eating Kleenex until you’re satisfied.

    Janet Jackson has revealed the pressure on famous women to look good and stay slim is so intense, some stars eat tissue to stop hunger pangs.

    The Nasty hitmaker is open about her own longstanding issues with food and her weight, insisting she is an emotional eater whose problems with self-esteem stem from her time as a child actor on hit TV show Good Times.

    Dy-no-mite dieting plan! Sorry, couldn’t resist. It’s funny how a huge majority of the Jackson kids all have mental issues and most blame Father Joe (or they are brainwashed by him) yet Janet keeps on hanging onto this Good Times thing. It was Good Times that screwed her up. “JAMES, OH LORD JAMES COME IN HERE! JANET IS SMILING AGAIN JAMES MAKE HER STOP!”

    She tells the newsman, “It’s crazy, it’s crazy. That’s why I think a lot of the women today swing in the opposite direction. They’re under eating. Some of the stories I hear… I’m not going to name names (but) this is the worst. Eating tissue, Kleenex, so it fills the stomach. So you’re full. So you don’t want another bite to eat and so that’s what you eat.”

    She heard women do it. Kind of like your friend that “heard” all about drugs/sex but never did any of it. “What I heard is some men like it in the backside from women while they get their genitals fondled with a strip of chain link fence. I just HEARD, I’ve never experienced.”

    Michael Jackson had no comment on this story. Too soon?

    Janet Jackson Reveals Stars ‘Eat Kleenex’ To Stay Thin – [Star Pulse]

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