10 Classic Grammy Performances From The 1980’s

    February 14, 2011 at 5:00 am

    Everything was better when we were kids! It wasn’t but that’s the only thing I can say when watching award shows like the Grammys on TV. It all seems like crap. Where are the real stars? Where are the timeless hits? Where the hell is Donna Summer! It all makes no sense.

    Instead of watching the Grammys and people arriving in eggs, I spend most of the night checking out some of the shows from when I was growing up. The good old days when music was music and Boy George was considered controversial.

    Here are some classic Grammy performances from the Reagan years.

    1. Noni says:

      Golden moments do not repeat. There will be loads of efforts needed for this.

    2. Ollo says:

      This is the classic case. i am not sure that such an amazing stuff will be remade ever.

    3. Eric says:

      Some memorable performances. I’ll never forget Metallica’s performance and I loved the Jam session from 1986. I hadn’t seen that since it aired, but they did a fantastic rendition of “How High The Moon”.

    4. Donk says:

      Boy you are sure right, no music today can compare to the genius of Sususudio …

    5. YIngo says:

      Wow, the 80s were just cool like that!


    6. TheReviewer says:

      I love that Justin Bieber got shut out of every award. He probably cried.

    7. TheEggman says:

      Yup, Man in the Mirror will be in my head ALL DAY. Jerks.

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