Star Of Crappy Reality Shows Claims “Reality Shows Have Ruined TV”

    February 11, 2011 at 8:00 am

    David Hasselhoff thinks reality shows have ruined TV. Considering he has been on three of them, he should know.

    David Hasselhoff has said that reality shows have “ruined television”. The Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent judge attended a Q&A session at Oxford University today, The Mirror reports.

    If I attended a Q&A with the Hoff all my questions would have been Knight Rider centric but I guess people care about the other stuff he has to say.

    When asked about the direction that programming had taken since the appearance of public involvement and talent shows, Hasselhoff said that it had moved the media into an exploitative position.

    He explained: “Reality television has ruined television. It is exploitation of youth.”

    Coming from a man who just did a show with his two young daughters that got cancelled after two episodes and no drunken cheeseburger eating on the floor incidents.

    Other subjects that were covered during the session included Hasselhoff’s involvement in the fall of the Berlin Wall, which prompted the Baywatch star to dismiss reports that he has taken credit for the historical unification of the German city as “complete rubbish”.

    He should take credit. The wall fell after thousands of Germans rammed their heads into it after hearing Hasselhoff sing.

    Hasselhoff: ‘Reality shows have ruined TV’ – [Digital Spy]

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