Toupee or Not Toupee? That Is The Question

    February 10, 2011 at 1:00 pm

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    I’ve got hair. Even if I didn’t, I’d never wear a wig. It’s pointless. People know it’s a hat of hair and no one is ever fooled. The only fool is the poor guy that paid all this money for a head carpet.

    Here is a gallery of painfully obvious hairpieces.

    1. TheReviewer says:

      I’ll never understand how that generation is ok with wearing toupees.

    2. Stacy Adams says:

      You gotta love a good rug.

    3. mack says:

      Gene Keady does not have a hairpiece in that photo. Gene, back in the day, stuck with the traditional comb-over. It was grown very long on the side and back and whipped around his head like a turban.

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