EgoTV Interviews Olympic Champion Apolo Ohno

    February 9, 2011 at 5:00 am

    Apolo Ohno is always up for a challenge. He is an Olympic gold medal winner and a Dancing With The Stars champion. But now, following in the footsteps of fellow SUBWAY endorser Jared Fogle, the short-track speedskater plans to test himself by running the New York City Marathon this coming November.

    Apolo sat down with EgoTV to discuss the marathon, his time on TV and why he is moving to Utah with twenty women.

    EgoTV: This crap weather on the East Coast with the snow and ice must be a breeze for a guy like you; you can just speed skate wherever you’re going.

    Apolo Ohno: Yes, it would be easy but I’m actually a warm weather guy, I’m not a fan of the cold.

    EgoTV: You got challenged recently by Jared Fogel of Subway to run the New York City marathon this year which is no easy task. If you had to put them in order of difficulty which is harder; training for Olympic speed skating, training for a marathon or training for the Oreo lick-off competitions?

    Apolo Ohno: Haha! Well, I’ve never run a marathon and I’ve never trained for a marathon so I don’t know yet. I know that I’m really excited about it. I’m hoping that it also inspires other people to run marathons. Training for speed skating is pretty tough though.

    EgoTV: Since you’re a warm weather guy, you going train in warm weather or cold weather or both?

    Apolo Ohno: Well my strength and conditioning coach is based out of Philly, so I’ll be doing some training there, and also in California, but I’m on the road a lot so I’ll be running anywhere I can. I’ll be the guy doing laps up and down the aisle of the plane.

    EgoTV: Are you going to run the marathon with all your Olympic medals on? That could slow you down.

    Apolo Ohno: Yeah, maybe, but I’d have to run with my mouth closed. Probably chip a couple teeth in the process.

    EgoTV: Since Jared likes challenging people to do things he has already done, like run the marathon, I’m thinking you should challenge him to something you’re successful at; either speed skating or ballroom dancing.

    Apolo Ohno: We actually discussed this the other day. Training him to speed skate. He just gave me that nervous laugh like “haha no way.”

    EgoTV: Do you get recognized more from being an Olympic champion or from Dancing With The Stars?

    Apolo Ohno: Um, let me think. I think both now. If you asked me right after the show I’d say DWTS and it was pretty intense. I still get people recognize me from the Olympics, which is great, because I’m hoping it’s one more fan to get involved with the sport. This marathon is actually one way I’m looking to kind of find myself in a way. Sounds weird. With skating my longest event is two and half minutes. This is a marathon involving hours and hours of training alone with just my thoughts. Should be interesting.

    EgoTV: This last question comes from our Twitter account. About twenty women wanted me to ask if you’d marry them so do you accept them all and then would you be willing to move to Utah?

    Apolo Ohno: I actually have a house in Utah. This might work. I trained in Utah for three years.

    EgoTV: That’s perfect! You’d have all these wives take care of the house and then maybe run the marathon with you. You can pitch it as a TV show to TLC.

    Apolo Ohno: Apolo and his Eight. Not bad.

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