Tom Hanks’ Son Is A Rapper. So There Is That.

    February 8, 2011 at 5:00 am

    Introducing Chet Haze, the college-aged son of actor Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson. He is, well, a rapper. Here is proof.

    Maybe I’m crazy (all arrows point to yes) but young Chet isn’t so bad. I’m sure his homies have told him so. I’m sure his homies tell him anything he wants to hear, he is the son of the guy from Bachelor Party. I’m sure he also gets to work with some industry heavyweights and can afford some serious studio time (and doctoring). Still, he has potential. If the kid from Degrassi Junior High can be considered legit why not the son of the guy from Big?

    Am I wrong? Does he suck?

    1. cutie says:

      come on tom where is your parenting? I would be so embarassed if i were you and you got an F! awful parenting

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