Here’s An Example Of Why People Above The Age Of 15 Don’t Like You Bieber

    February 4, 2011 at 8:00 am

    Calm down Biebs. Beavis and Butthead when off the air on November 28, 1997. You were three years old. Even if you caught them in rerun or on a DVD your momma said you weren’t allowed to watch until you sprouted pubs, I’m not sure you’d be such a huge fan to CAP LOCK and tweet it to your legions of bed-wetters.

    This really just stinks of MTV. He was at MTV, they told him “hey, this show that was on before you were born is coming back, you should totally tweet it out to your millions of followers for us” and the Biebs just did as he was told. Good little monkey. You are listening. Have some more Red Bull.

    It will be funny if the show comes back and mocks the little dutch boy in a couple episodes. “This chick Justin Bieber is hot. I bet she’d do me.”

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