This Learning Channel Parody Video Is Hysterically Dead-On

    February 1, 2011 at 8:00 am

    Hysterical. Honestly, what the hell happened to the Learning Channel? It used to be about, get this, learning and now it’s all about learning that there are some odd people roaming this Earth and every single one of them needs their own reality show.

    They also love little people. A little too much. Little people living life, getting married, making chocolate and punching horses. That last part is made up but I wouldn’t be shocked if it was a show this summer.

    So, this video makes me want to play a game. It’s called “Pitch the newest TLC show.” Leave a comment of the oddest TLC show idea conceivable. Winner gets…something.

    1. TMB Jeff says:

      Ok, here’s a few ideas:

      Dental Disasters

      Oddest Toddlers of Maricopa County

      Maestros of Lasagna

      Undocumented Aliens

      Why Do We Have So Many Goddamn Kids?

      Morbidly Obese Cowboys

      Race Wars

      Trailer Park Polygamists

      Seriously, Where Did All These Fucking Kids Come From?!?

    2. Billyb says:

      That it is, that it is.

    3. The Eggman says:

      How about a show about midget cops called “The Short Arm Of The Law?”

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