Movie Ticket Prices Rise While Movies Continue To Hold Steady At “Awful”

    January 31, 2011 at 8:00 am

    At Christmas, I bought some movie theater gift certificates for friends and family that for some reason still go to the movies. Loons. The price of a ticket at my local theater is $9.50. I must live in a fancy area.

    If you thought it was getting more expensive to go the movies, your hunch was right. The average ticket price at theaters in the U.S. last year rose to an all-time annual high of $7.89,  up 5% from $7.50 in 2009, according to the National Assn. of Theatre Owners. In the fourth quarter, the average price was $8.01, up 5% from the year-ago period.

    So, for two people to go to the movies, it costs on average $16 for tickets, let’s say $20 for food assuming you’re not a huge hog and some places need to factor in parking charges so let’s just round up and say $40 bucks for everything. That’s a steep price for a movie that “might” be entertaining. Judging from the crap Hollywood puts out these days you’re more likely to see a movie worth around $4.

    All of which means ticket prices are likely to continue to rise. One AMC Theatres location in New York last summer raised eyebrows when it was selling $20 tickets for Imax 3-D screenings of the DreamWorks Animation movie “Shrek Forever After.”

    So, for a family of four it would be $80 just for seats. “Sorry kids, Shrek is dies in this one. Yup. Drops dead. They all die. Even Donkey. Falls off a trampoline, snaps his neck. So it’s kind of a bummer. How about we just rent a movie?”

    Movie ticket prices reach new milestone – [LA Times]

    1. The Eggman says:

      Just one of the 100 reasons I don’t go to the movies.

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