10 Classic “One To Grow On” PSAs

    January 31, 2011 at 6:00 am

    I’m guilty. Guilty of using phrases and references from my youth that few people ever remember. Sure, I’ll get an occasional chuckle or a “oh yeah I remember that” but never the huge reaction I’m looking for. You’d think I’d stop making the joke. Nope. A personal favorite is when someone admits that they learned something new, even if it’s an important admission like “I just found out my wife is cheating” or “I finally figured out the correct way to wipe myself” I’ll wait until they are done and say “and THAT’S one to grow on.” I can’t help it.

    Anyone else remember “One To Grow On”, the cheesy PSA announcement in-between Saturday morning cartoons? All our favorites stars from NBC shows ramble on for about sixty seconds about not talking to strangers or never cheating in school. I never thought “that’s a good lesson” I’d always be too busy going “oh cool the crazy guy from the A-Team!”

    For those that do remember, and those that don’t, here are 10 old “One To Grown On” clips from the past.

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