McDonald’s Commercials That Aren’t “Normal”

    January 28, 2011 at 6:00 am

    McDonalds may have started in America over 50 years ago,  but today it exists in almost every country on Earth.  And who’s going to buy fast food from another country without commercials — off-putting, kinda creepy and seemingly completely irrelevant, fever-dream commercials?

    Here are six extremely bizarre commercials from McDonalds.

    The Beard Shake

    I think it’s pretty safe to say that nearly 100% of the commercials that come out of Japan are bizarre so this one is no surprise. First of all, what they’re doing here is cruel. W hat happens in this commercial is physically impossible, unless that guy was carrying around a dairy-beard the whole time, and even then, it would get gross after a while.  The girl wouldn’t be happy, she would be sad, from being poisoned and all.

    People in Turkey will Get This

    This commercial is very much a “you kind of have to live there to get it” type of commercial, which plays on Turkey’s conservative nature to give us a montage of a world where the Turkish invented the first everything.  From robots, to hamburgers, to space travel, it’s a pretty solid depiction.  Oh yeah, it’s weird too.

    This Commercial Goes Nowhere

    You know how you watch the first 20 seconds of a commercial and it’s about something totally unrelated to the product it’s trying to sell- but then all of a sudden the camera focuses on the Wrangler jeans logo, or the Nike swoosh on a pair of shoes and you go “ohhhhhh”?  Imagine that, but without the “ohhhhhh” moment.

    So Domestic Abuse is Fine?

    Playing to Meatloaf’s passionate opus “I Would Do Anything for Love”, this commercial features a young couple in love, on a boat, on a date, getting ready and finishing off their day with a delicious McDonald’s sandwich… until the girl tries to steal a fry from the guy.  Watch out.

    Israeli Pulp Fiction Commercial

    When the camera zooms in to the food being unwrapped, you can’t even tell that that wasn’t the stomach region of our beloved right-before-the-post-Battlefield-Earth-barrel-chest John Travolta.  Another interesting thing to note:  They’re speaking English. For a lot of these Asian, non-English-speaking European countries, they all say the McDonald’s slogan in English.

    And Finally….Zee Germans

    You can’t have a list of weird stuff without Germans making a contribution, it’s just against the rules.  And believe you me, this one qualifies.

    1. TheReviewer says:

      what about the one where the mayor has a hamburger for a head?

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