AM Hot Links – Drunk Eating, Break-Ups and Pets Dreaming

    January 28, 2011 at 4:00 am

    Click the photo to read about the dumb ways to handle your drunk appetite.

    There is nothing I won’t eat when I’m hammered. It’s amazing. I lose all sense of “things I don’t like” or “things my stomach is not fond of” and just eat the most ridiculous combination of foods and drink. I always know how terrible the food when I attempt to eat it when stone sober. “I ate what last night? Really? And I loved it? Ok, let’s try it now. OH MY GOD IT’S LIKE ROOM TEMPERATURE DOG SH*T! What’s it called? Hummus?”

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    The Links

    7 Ways To Get A Girl To Break Up With You – [Guyism]
    A Gallery of Mega Man in Medieval Times – [Unreality]
    What Our Pets Are Probably Dreaming About – [Cracked]
    Meet Kacey Jordan, the Latest Porn Star to Party with Charlie Sheen – [Bro Bible]
    Throwing A Needle Through Glass – [Double Viking]
    Charlie Sheen’s Bender — ‘Briefcase’ Full of Cocaine – [TMZ]
    Drinking Weed: California Company Creates ‘Canna Cola’ – [AOL News]
    There When You Need Him Most – [College Humor]
    Suzette Edwards, a Stunner from Down Under – [The Smoking Jacket]
    Awesome Invention and Great Band Name: Marijuana Catapult – [Holy Taco]
    Ryan Murphy Hates Slash, Too – [The Superficial]
    Ryan Fox Looking Like A Younger Elle McPhereson – [DJ Mick]
    Every Man’s Worst Nightmare – [Super Booyah]
    Lauren Conrad Struts Her Groovy Legs – [Popoholic]
    Megan Fox Ditches the Husband and the Long Pants and Looks All Kind of Hot – [Egotastic]
    Today’s Girl: Alexa Vega – [Maxim]
    Holly Madison’s Breasts Are Missing – [Hollywood Tuna]
    Jim Belushi Needs the Money – [Warming Glow]
    January Jones In A Out Of Style Bikini – [Celeb Jihad]
    Sexy News Anchors Distract Male Viewers – [The Frisky]

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